Facial Eczema and the Palatability of Meat From Yearling Sheep

Authors: B L B L SmithA H KirtonE G Woods
Year: 1976
Times cited: 5

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Facial eczema and the palatability of meat from yearling sheep


Meat samples were taken from yearling sheep which had been dosed with sporidesmin, 5 weeks before slaughter, to induce facial eczema liver damage. Animals with severe liver damage but with carcasses passing inspection as fit for human consumption were chosen for the main trial. Taste panel tests showed that the meat from the facial eczema hoggets scored significantly lower for overall preference, flavour. and tenderness than the meat from control animals with undamaged livers. These results suggest that facial eczema might be one of the causes of adverse comments on the flavour of a small proportion of carcasses of New Zealand sheep.

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