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Factitious Disorder: Top KOLs in the world

Marc D Feldman #1
Marc D Feldman
From Harvard Medical School (Drs. Peng, Koire, and Jimenez-M
Known for Imperial College Press |  Plastic Surgery |  Patients Fd |  Factitious Disorder |  Munchausen Syndrome
Richard Asher #2
Richard Asher
London, England
Known for Homologous Serum Jaundice |  Malignant Hypertension |  Honest Serving |  Medical Writers |  Myxoedematous Madness

Christopher M Bass #3
Christopher M Bass
Department of Psychological Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospita
Known for Somatoform Disorders |  Normal Coronary Arteries |  Frequent Attenders |  Somatisation Disorder |  Chest Pain
Lois E Krahn #4
Lois E Krahn
Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, AZ, USA. | Center of the Scie
Known for Electroconvulsive Therapy |  Factitious Disorder |  Tsh Secretion |  Anorexia Nervosa |  Liver Transplantation
Michael K O'Connor #5
Michael K O'Connor
Department of Psychiatry, University of Medicine and Dentist
Known for Maintenance Ect |  Factitious Disorder |  Wrist Actigraphy |  Major Depression
Hongzhe Li #6
Hongzhe Li
*Department of Psychiatry, ‡Endocrine Research Unit, §Depart
Known for Patients Sick Role |  Ect Melatonin |  Factitious Disorder |  Physical Symptoms
Gary Michael Rodin #7
Gary Michael Rodin
Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Known for Early Palliative |  Death Anxiety |  Eating Disorders |  Acute Leukemia |  Advanced Cancer
Amanda J Sutherland #8
Amanda J Sutherland
The Department of Psychiatry, University of Ottawa | The Dep
Known for Patients Fd |  Subjective Experience |  General Hospital |  10 08 |  Factitious Disorders
P Reich #9
P Reich
Unité Systèmes de Cultures Maraı̂chers sous Abris (SCMSA), I
Known for Sperm Motility |  Teaching Hospital |  Factitious Disorders |  Ultraviolet Rays |  Systemic Mastocytosis
Stuart J Eisendrath #10
Stuart J Eisendrath
From Harvard Medical School (Drs. Peng, Koire, and Jimenez-M
Known for Major Depressive Disorder |  Cognitive Therapy |  Depressed Smokers |  Psychiatric Training


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