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BACKGROUND: Staged subpectoral expander-implant breast reconstruction is widely performed. Disruption of the pectoralis major origin and the frequent occurrence of animation deformity and functional discomfort associated with subpectoral reconstruction remain ongoing concerns. Prepectoral single-stage direct-to-implant reconstruction resolves many of these issues. In this study, the authors explored the rationale for prepectoral single-stage implant-based breast reconstruction with ...

Known for Implant Breast |  Animation Deformity |  Single Stage |  Reconstruction Patients |  Capsular Contracture
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BACKGROUND: The use of progressive tension sutures alone has been shown to be comparable to using abdominal drains in aesthetic abdominoplasty. This study reviews outcomes with the use of barbed progressive tension suture technique without drains in DIEP donor site closure compared to standard closure with drains.

METHODS: A two year retrospective review was conducted of DIEP flap reconstructions in the enhanced recovery program at Mayo Clinic, Rochester (USA). Donor site closure was ...

Known for Donor Site |  Abdominal Drains |  Drain Free |  Flap Breast |  Closure Techniques
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Body weight, body mass index (BMI), and percent excess weight loss are used to assess patient outcomes after bariatric surgery; however, they provide little insight into the true nature of the patient's weight loss. Body composition measurements monitor fat versus lean mass losses to permit interventions to reduce or avoid lean body mass loss after bariatric surgery. A retrospective review of patients who underwent bariatric surgery between 2002 and 2008 was performed. Patients ...

Known for Body Composition |  Bariatric Surgery |  Weight Loss |  Lean Mass |  Fat Percentage
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BackgroundFor treating the aging face, a facelift is the surgical standard. A variety of techniques have been described. The purpose of the current study is to evaluate the safety of the sub-SMAS facelift compared to the subcutaneous facelift with or without SMAS plication.MethodsA retrospective chart review was conducted on all patients who underwent facelift surgery between 2003 and 2011. Patients included in the study were seeking elective improvement of facial appearance. All charts ...

Known for Smas Facelift |  Evidence Authors |  88 Patients |  Postoperative Complications |  Superficial Musculoaponeurotic
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BACKGROUND: Keystone flaps have demonstrated growing clinical applications in reconstructive surgery in the past decade. This article highlights flap modifications and their versatility for clinical applications and management of complex defects.

METHODS: A retrospective chart review was conducted of consecutive patients undergoing keystone flap reconstruction at the authors' institution from January of 2012 to December of 2014. Patient demographics, indications, and operative and ...

Known for Keystone Flaps |  Clinical Applications |  Perforator Island |  Reconstructive Surgery |  Complex Defects
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BACKGROUND: Large cranial defects represent reconstructive challenges. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) implants are preoperatively tailored to the exact size of the defect and exhibit an excellent combination of strength, durability, and environmental resistance. This study presents our experience with patient-specific PEEK implants with computer modeling.

METHODS: A retrospective chart review was conducted on all patients who underwent cranioplasty treated by a PEEK implant between 2007 and ...

Known for Peek Cranioplasty |  Craniofacial Defects |  Postoperative Complications |  Reconstructive Surgical |  Patient Specific
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BACKGROUND: Fast-track surgery has been described as a plan to facilitate early recovery. We present one surgeon's modifications to fast-track surgery for laparoscopic colectomy patients.

METHODS: We performed a retrospective review of 48 consecutive patients undergoing elective laparoscopic colectomy treated by a modified fast-track plan between 2004 and 2008. Elements included preoperative education, pre-anesthesia dexamethasone, immediate postoperative general diet, no urinary ...

Known for Laparoscopic Colectomy |  Fasttrack Surgery |  Urinary Catheter |  Early Recovery |  Blood Loss
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BACKGROUND: This study aimed to delineate and compare the hot spots and three-dimensional vascular territories of dominant profunda artery perforators in the posterior thigh region, and modifications in flap design are discussed.

METHODS: Twenty-nine posterior thigh flaps were raised in fresh cadaveric specimens, and profunda artery perforators were documented. Dominant perforators were injected with iodinated contrast to assess perforasomes using computed tomographic angiography. ...

Known for Artery Perforator |  Posterior Thigh |  Flap Design |  Dominant Profunda |  Inferior Gluteal Crease
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Extralobar sequestration, a discrete developmental mass of pulmonary parenchyma which is enclosed within a separate pleural envelope and has its own vascular supply, is recently diagnosed prenatally by ultrasonography. We report two male newborn babies, 10 days old, who prenatally underwent amnioperitoneal shunt, pleural drainage and laser ablation of the feeding artery. Both babies underwent thoracotomy on their 10th day of life, removal of the sequestration, ligation of the feeding ...

Known for Extralobar Pulmonary |  Feeding Artery |  Laser Ablation |  Vascular Supply |  Pleural Effusion
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Autologous fat grafting is now considered the gold standard for buttock augmentation. Although a variety of techniques are currently being used by surgeons around the world, methods of fat grafting to the buttocks remain unsystematized, poorly understood, and controversial in terms of their safety and efficacy. Nonetheless, buttock augmentation by fat grafting has a satisfaction rate of 97.1%, and its mean complication rate has been estimated to be around 7 to 10%, with serious ...

Known for Fat Grafting |  Buttock Augmentation
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OBJECTIVES: To avoid prosthesis-patient mismatch, posterior enlargement of the small aortic annulus using the Nicks-Nunez surgical approach was performed in fifteen patients and the immediate-intermediate results are reported retrospectively.

METHODS: During the period November 1995 to June 2005, 220 patients underwent aortic valve replacement (AVR) for primary aortic stenosis (AS). Fifteen patients (15/220 - 6%), all women, 40-76 years old (mean age 65.8 years) with AS, underwent AVR ...

Known for Small Aortic Annulus |  Aortic Valve |  Ejection Fraction
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Wise pattern skin reduction mastectomy with prepectoral placement of the device is a recent technique for reconstruction in patients with large and ptotic breasts. Expanders in the first stage, followed by implant exchange in the second stage are placed above the pectoralis major muscle, totally covered by acellular dermal matrix and an inferior dermal flap. This technique was performed on 6 breasts in 4 obese patients with macromastia and grade 2 and 3 ptosis. Two patients experienced ...

Known for Large Ptotic Breasts |  Reconstruction Patients |  Skin Reduction |  Surgical Technique |  Wise Pattern
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The role of fat grafting to the breasts has evolved in the recent past, gaining several new applications within both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Initially used for reconstructive purposes to fill lumpectomy defects or to correct residual contour deformities after breast reconstruction, it has since made its way into cosmetic breast surgery and has grown to encompass a wide variety of new indications. Fat grafting in aesthetic breast surgery may be performed as a form of primary ...

Known for Cosmetic Breast |  Fat Grafting |  Reported Outcomes
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The upper third of the face, composed of the forehead and the brow, is a critical aesthetic subunit. Brow ptosis is a common presenting complaint for patients seeking elective improvement of their facial appearance. Browlift surgery has a long history of technique evolution, with various reported methods and refinements. Since the introduction of the endoscopic brow lifting in the 1990s, it has become widely accepted as an approach to forehead rejuvenation. Endoscopy provides minimal ...

Known for Endoscopic Brow |  Endoscopy Esthetics |  Forehead Humans |  Aged Blepharoplasty |  Rejuvenation Rhytidoplasty
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The gluteal region is an important aesthetic symbol of the body and represents a major component of sexual attraction. Buttocks descent and atrophy are common presenting complaints for patients seeking elective improvement of their body. Gluteal surgery has a recent history of technique evolution, with various reported methods and refinements, including autologous tissue and alloplastic materials. It has been gaining popularity, and an exponential growth in buttocks procedures has been ...

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Sample of concepts for which Charalambos K Rammos is among the top experts in the world.
Concept World rank
macromastia grade #1
prepectoral device placement #1
perfusion assessment technology #2
prepectoral device #2
mastectomy flap assessment #2
1960s major factor #2
increasing availability improvement #2
tissue expander 1960s #2
development tissue expander #2
instrumental methods surgeons #2
surgeons tissue viability #3
theart surgeons #5
grafting buttock #6
newer surgical technique #6
perforator hot #7
complications smas #8
dominant profunda #10
inferior gluteal crease #11
technologies surgeons #11
grade 3 ptosis #11
6 breasts #13
skin reduction mastectomy #13
4 obese patients #13
sequestration drainage #14
clinical assessment article #14
decades increasing availability #15
robust vascular supply #16
drain free #16
buttock augmentation #17
3 ptosis #19
role fat grafting #20
cranioplasty peek #22
new technologies outcomes #23
smas facelift #23
inferior dermal flap #24
breasts skin #25
keystone perforator #25
smas plication #26
keystone flap reconstruction #28
kpif #29
flap assessment #31
morbid plethysmography #36
symmetry procedures #40
perforator selection #40
perforasomes #42
technologies implant #43
improved outcomes decades #44
prepectoral direct #45
ablation feeding #49
dominant perforators #49

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Sydney R Coleman
fat grafting coleman technique neuropathic pain
Kotarou Yoshimura
adipose tissue fat grafting stem cells
Gino Rigotti
fat grafting adipose tissue negative pressure
Sydney R Coleman
local skin adipose matrix fatty tissue
Joseph Peter Rubin
fat grafting adipose tissue stem cells
Alessandra Marchi
autologous fat grafting breast reconstruction skin incisions

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Concepts for whichCharalambos K Rammoshas direct influence:Fat grafting,  Buttock augmentation,  Breast reconstruction,  Smas plication,  Perforator selection,  Small aortic annulus,  Implant breast,  Skin reduction.

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Charalambos K Rammos has influence:Breast reconstruction,  Acellular dermal matrix,  Animation deformity,  Capsular contracture,  Fat grafting,  Keystone flap,  Pulmonary sequestration.



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