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      Jennifer J Waldron

      School of Health, PE, and Leisure Services at the University of Northern Iowa , Cedar Falls E-mail: | 2Michigan State University



      KOL Resume for Jennifer J Waldron


      School of Health, PE, and Leisure Services at the University of Northern Iowa , Cedar Falls E-mail:


      2Michigan State University



      Jennifer J Waldron: Influence Statistics

      Sample of concepts for which Jennifer J Waldron is among the top experts in the world.
      Concept World rank
      experiences hazed #2
      monologue perspective #2
      sport ethic coakley #2
      athletes egoinvolving climate #2
      data monologues #2
      athletes unhealthy behaviors #2
      kranes conceptual framework #2
      perceived rationale acceptance #2
      data analysis comprehensive #2
      school university sport #2
      degradation abuse #2
      approval orientation #2
      quest acceptance #2
      acceptance emotional toll #2
      initiation hazing #2
      uncritical acceptance model #2
      study waldron #2
      acceptance teammates #2
      duct tape narratives #2
      bodies machine #3
      steroid athletes #4
      ego motivational climate #5
      parents female athletes #5
      icy hot #6
      male sport teams #6
      risk bodies #7
      hazing experiences #8
      unhealthy risky behaviors #9
      overconformity #11
      orientation engage #11
      perceived rationale #16
      hazed #19
      approval goal #19
      social goal orientation #20
      takes health #20
      feminist cultural #25
      athletes ego #26
      athletes strong #28
      pursuit success #32
      success athletes #34
      sport ethic #35
      teammates coaches #36
      health compromising behaviors #37
      duct tape #65
      sport administrators #70
      egoinvolving climate #96


      Prominent publications by Jennifer J Waldron

      KOL-Index: 2622

      The power and performance model of sport stresses a sport ethic of doing “whatever it takes” to win (Coakley, 2004). Uncritical acceptance of this model may lead to various health-compromising behaviors. Employing achievement goal theory, we examine why female athletes may adopt the power and performance approach. An ego motivational climate and a strong social approval goal orientation may encourage girls and women to engage in unhealthy and risky behaviors in pursuit of success. ...

      Known for Female Athletes | Unhealthy Behaviors | Sport Ethic | Binge Drinking | Goal Orientation
      KOL-Index: 2451

      In the United States, initiation or hazing activities in high school and university sport are increasingly being recognized as a serious issue facing coaches and sport administrators. These events include humiliation, degradation or abuse of new team members, presumed to enhance team bonding. This study is grounded in Waldron and Krane's conceptual framework linking social goal orientation and overconformity to team norms. We conducted focus group interviews with nine former male ...

      Known for Narrative Approach | Focus Interviews | New Members | Sport Teams

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      Jennifer J Waldron:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichJennifer J Waldronhas direct influence:Female athletes,  Body image,  Duct tape,  Body image concerns,  Health compromising behaviors,  Focus interviews,  Athletes unhealthy behaviors,  Hazing experiences.

      Jennifer J Waldron:KOL impact

      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Jennifer J Waldron has influence:Body image,  Female athletes,  Strength training,  Disordered eating,  Elite sport,  Initiation rituals,  Sexual harassment.



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      School of Health, PE, and Leisure Services at the University of Northern Iowa , Cedar Falls E-mail: | 2Michigan State University

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