Jennifer J. Waldron

Jennifer J. Waldron

School Of Health, Pe, And Leisure Services At The University Of Northern Iowa , Cedar Falls E-Mail:

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female athletes
feminist cultural
compromising behaviors
duct tape
image concerns
male sport teams
focus interviews

Prominent publications by Jennifer J. Waldron

KOL-Index: 6 A feminist cultural studies framework was employed to better understand the relationships among body image, eating, and exercise in female exercisers and athletes. Participants (N=18) engaged in focus group interviews regarding their ideal body image, eating and exercise patterns, and feelings associated with eating and exercising. The athlete interviews also included questions concerning ...
Known for
Performance Issues | Exercise Female | Athletes’ Ideal | Coach
KOL-Index: 6 The power and performance model of sport stresses a sport ethic of doing “whatever it takes” to win (Coakley, 2004). Uncritical acceptance of this model may lead to various health-compromising behaviors. Employing achievement goal theory, we examine why female athletes may adopt the power and performance approach. An ego motivational climate and a strong social approval goal orientation may ...
Known for
Approval Goal | Climate Strong | Engage Unhealthy | Acceptance Model
KOL-Index: 6 In the United States, initiation or hazing activities in high school and university sport are increasingly being recognized as a serious issue facing coaches and sport administrators. These events include humiliation, degradation or abuse of new team members, presumed to enhance team bonding. This study is grounded in Waldron and Krane's conceptual framework linking social goal orientation ...
Known for
Initiation Hazing Activities | Negatively Perceived Experience | Male High-School Athletes | Kranes Conceptual Framework

School of Health, PE, and Leisure Services at the University of Northern Iowa , Cedar Falls E-mail:

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