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Femoral Hernia: Top KOLs in the world

FRANK J Glassow #1
FRANK J Glassow
Shouldice Hospital, Toronto, Canada | Thornhill, Ontario, Ca
Known for Postoperative Wound Infection |  Posterior Wall |  Shouldice Technique |  Inguinal Canal |  Femoral Hernia
Pär Nordin #2
Pär Nordin
Department of Surgery and Perioperative Sciences, Umeå Unive
Known for Anal Incontinence |  Male Infertility |  Vaginal Delivery |  Chronic Pain |  Groin Hernia

The Danish Hernia Database, Copenhagen, Denmark | Surgical D
Known for Lichtenstein Repair |  Body Packers |  Chronic Pain |  Emergency Laparotomy |  Inguinal Hernia
Henrik Kehlet #4
Henrik Kehlet
Surgical Pathophysiology Unit, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Un
Known for Epidural Analgesia |  Chronic Pain |  Hip Fracture |  Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy |  Knee Arthroplasty
Erik Nilsson #5
Erik Nilsson
Department of Surgery and Perioperative Sciences, Surgery, U
Known for Hernia Surgery |  Patients Cholecystectomy |  Recurrence Rate |  Defined Population |  Rectal Cancer
Gabriel Sandblom #6
Gabriel Sandblom
Department of Surgery, Södersjukhuset, Stockholm, Sweden | D
Known for Gallstone Surgery |  Postoperative Complications |  Chronic Pain |  Prostate Cancer |  Incisional Hernia
Ira M Rutkow #7
Ira M Rutkow
The Hernia Center, 222 Schanck Road, Suite 100, Freehold, NJ
Known for William Halsted |  19th Century |  Surgical Clinics |  Hernia Surgery |  United States
Parviz K Amid #8
Parviz K Amid
Department of Surgery, Lichtenstein Amid Hernia Clinic at UC
Known for Inguinal Hernia |  Abdominal Wall |  Surgical Mesh |  Triple Neurectomy |  Local Anesthesia
Staffan Haapaniemi #9
Staffan Haapaniemi
Department of Surgery, Linköping University, Linköping, Swed
Known for Acute Appendicitis |  Antibiotic Treatment |  Differentiated Ilcs |  Mtdh Gene |  Hernia Surgery
Volker Schumpelick #10
Volker Schumpelick
Department of Surgery, RWTH Aachen University Hospital, Aach
Known for Mesh Repair |  Anastomotic Leakage |  Wound Healing |  Abdominal Wall |  Inguinal Hernia


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