• Femoral Neuropathy
  • Femoral Neuropathy

    Femoral Neuropathy: Top KOLs in the world

    John W Goodfellow #1
    John W Goodfellow
    University of Oxford, NDORMS, Botnar Research Centre, Nuffie
    Known for Knee Prosthesis | Sagittal Plane | Anterior Cruciate Ligament | Anteromedial Osteoarthritis | Unicompartmental Arthroplasty
    J M Matthews #2
    J M Matthews
    Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of British C
    Known for Pollen Grains | Common Complication | V473 Lyr | Θ1 Tau | Earth Telescope

    C B d'A Fearn #3
    C B d'A Fearn
    Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and the Oxford Haemophilia Centr
    Known for Differential Diagnosis Prognosis | Forearm Operative | Common Complication | Iliacus Haematoma | Anterior Interosseous Nerve
    Sandy C Marks #4
    Sandy C Marks
    Department of Cell Biology, University of Massachusetts Medi
    Known for Normal Littermates | Dental Follicle | Abused Infants | Tooth Eruption | Bone Resorption
    Werner Nobel #5
    Werner Nobel
    Greenfield, Massachusetts USA
    Known for Posterior Traumatic Dislocation | Iliacus Hematoma | Anatomical Basis | Femoral Nerve | Inversion Ankle Sprains
    Stefan Kubik #6
    Stefan Kubik
    Fachbereich Chemie-Organische Chemie, Technische Universität
    Known for Facial Nerve | Iliacus Hematoma | Synthetic Receptors | Anatomical Basis | Pterional Craniotomy
    H KvistPoulsen #7
    H KvistPoulsen
    Department of Gynecology, Odense University Hospital, DK-500
    Known for Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy | Preliminary Report | Abdominal Hysterectomy | Incidence Prevention | Femoral Neuropathy
    John Borel #8
    John Borel
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Odense University H
    Known for Prophylactic Metronidazole Combination | Abdominal Hysterectomy | Suction Drainage | Infectious Morbidity | Incidence Prevention
    M Bashar Katirji #9
    M Bashar Katirji
    Department of Neurology, University Hospitals of Cleveland a
    Known for Vertebral Artery Injury | Idiopathic Generalized Myokymia | Femoral Mononeuropathy | Lithotomy Position | Liver Transplantation
    Jacob Zeiss #10
    Jacob Zeiss
    Department of Radiology, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Oh
    Known for Tarsal Tunnel | Complete Tears | Flexor Tendons | Magnetic Resonance | Median Nerve

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