Adhesives for Fixed Orthodontic Bands

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Authors: Anne‐Marie GlennyDeclan T MillettNicola A MandallRye CR MattickJoy Hickman
Year: 2009
Times cited: 18

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Adhesives for Fixed Orthodontic Bands


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of adhesives used to attach bands to teeth during fixed appliance treatment.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Electronic databases, conference proceedings and the Internet were searched. There was no restriction with regard to publication status or language of publication. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and controlled clinical trials (CCTs) (including split-mouth studies) of adhesives used to attach orthodontic bands to molar teeth were selected. Patients with full arch fixed orthodontic appliance(s) who had bands attached to molars were included. All review authors were involved in study selection, validity assessment, and data extraction. Disagreements were resolved by discussion. Comparisons were made between the main types of adhesive.

RESULTS: Five RCTs and three CCTs were identified, all of split-mouth design. Four trials compared chemically cured zinc phosphate and chemically cured glass ionomer; three trials compared chemically cured glass ionomer cement with light-cured compomer; and one trial compared chemically cured glass ionomer with a chemically cured glass polyphosphonate. Data analysis was often inappropriate within the studies. Meta-analysis was not feasible.

CONCLUSIONS: There is insufficient high-quality evidence with regard to the most effective adhesive for attaching orthodontic bands to molar teeth. Further RCTs are required.

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