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    Flea Bites: Top KOLs in the world

    Ben F Feingold #1
    Ben F Feingold
    Department of Allergy, Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center, San
    Known for Oral Secretion | Learning Disabilities | Allergenic Activity | Flea Bites | Guinea Pigs
    Leo Kartman #2
    Leo Kartman
    Technology Branch, Communicable Disease Center, Public Healt
    Known for Prairie Dogs | San Francisco | Flea Bites | Pasteurella Pestis | Guinea Pigs

    Bruce W Hudson #3
    Bruce W Hudson
    From the, San Francisco Field Station, Technology Branch Com
    Known for Flea Bites | Prairie Dogs | Pasteurella Pestis | Fluorescent Antibody | Guinea Pigs
    Hill Farm, Wennington, Huntingdon, PE17 2LU, UK | The Instit
    Known for Metabolic Water | Thermal Death Point | Low Temperatures | Simple Hygrometer | Ann Arbor
    Oskar Theodor #5
    Oskar Theodor
    Institute of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew Unive
    Known for Ethiopian Region | New Species | African Sandflies | Phlebotomus Bites | Buccal Cavity
    J A McKiel #6
    J A McKiel
    Laboratory of Hygiene, Department of National Health and Wel
    Known for Chromatographic Fractionation | Nova Scotia | Mosquito Bites | Repeated Exposures | Dermacentor Variabilis
    Eliezer Benjamini #7
    Eliezer Benjamini
    Laboratory of Medical Entomology, Kaiser Foundation Research
    Known for Immunochemical Studies | Allergenic Activity | Flea Bites | Guinea Pigs | Oral Secretion
    Bjørn Heilesen #8
    Bjørn Heilesen
    The Finsen Institute, Department of Dermatology, Copenhagen,
    Known for Pustular Psoriasis | Uniform Histology | Ketone Bodies | Insect Bites
    Evelyn M Rockwell #9
    Evelyn M Rockwell
    From the Department of Dermatology and Syphilology of the Co
    Known for Sicca” Type | Previous Experiments | Local Injection | Seborrheic Dermatitis | Tuberculin Reaction
    Patricia Johnson #10
    Patricia Johnson
    From the Department of Dermatology and Syphilology of the Co
    Known for Skin Physiological Phenomena | Culicidae Humans | Allergic Reaction | Insect Bite



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    Flea Bites The symptoms of a flea bite are variable. When the insect comes into contact with the animal's or human's skin, an inflammatory reaction begins that can be...