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Foot Fracture: Top KOLs in the world

Charles M Court‐Brown #1
Charles M Court‐Brown
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK | University of Edinb
Known for Tibial Fractures |  Social Deprivation |  Acute Compartment Syndrome |  Intramedullary Nailing |  Radial Head
Jane A Cauley #2
Jane A Cauley
Department of Epidemiology Graduate School of Public Health
Known for Older Women |  Breast Cancer |  Bone Mineral Density |  Physical Activity |  Hip Fracture

John Allan Eisman #3
John Allan Eisman
Osteoporosis and Bone Biology, Garvan Institute of Medical R
Known for Bone Density |  Femoral Neck |  Lumbar Spine |  Postmenopausal Women |  Fracture Risk
Steven Ron Cummings #4
Steven Ron Cummings
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of
Known for Breast Cancer |  Older Women |  Bone Density |  Zoledronic Acid |  Hip Fracture
Leland G Hawkins #5
Leland G Hawkins
**Associate Professor, University of Colorad
Known for Intravenous Lidocaine Anesthesia |  Preschool Diagnosis |  Lateral Process |  Bone Humans Injections |  Upper Extremity Fractures
Lee Joseph Melton, #6
Lee Joseph Melton,
Divisions of Epidemiology. | O. Ni Mhuircheartaigh, MB, BCh,
Known for Fracture Risk |  Irritable Bowel Syndrome |  United States |  Venous Thromboembolism |  Olmsted County
Martinus Richter #7
Martinus Richter
Department for Foot and Ankle Surgery Rummelsberg and Nuremb
Known for Efas Score |  Peripheral Blood Concentrate |  Achilles Tendon |  Sternal Fractures |  Chondral Defects
Emil H Schemitsch #8
Emil H Schemitsch
Department of Surgery, University of Western Ontario, London
Known for Fracture Healing |  Fat Embolism |  Total Hip Arthroplasty |  Internal Fixation |  Hip Resurfacing
Kristine E Ensrud #9
Kristine E Ensrud
Center for Care Delivery and Outcomes Research, Minneapolis
Known for Osteoporotic Fractures |  Hip Fracture |  Bone Loss |  Depressive Symptoms |  Older Women
Stephen F Conti #10
Stephen F Conti
Orthopaedic Specialists - UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA, United State
Known for Ankle Arthritis |  Crista Volume |  Internal Fixation |  Hallux Valgus |  Metatarsal Pronation


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