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Harrison T Ndetan

Department of Biostatistics, University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, 11937 U.S. Hwy 271, Tyler, TX 75708, USA. | Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, The ...

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Concepts for which Harrison T Ndetan has direct influence: Health promotion , Cancer mortality , Poultry workers , Table sanitizing , Brain cancer , Musculoskeletal injuries , Chiropractic clinics .

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which for which Harrison T Ndetan has influence: Neck pain , Health promotion , Spinal manipulation , Creatine supplementation , Manipulative therapy , Emergency nurses , Complementary medicine .

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Department of Biostatistics, University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, 11937 U.S. Hwy 271, Tyler, TX 75708, USA.

Trauma Services, UT Health East Texas, Tyler (Mss Allen, Peters, and Marroquin and Drs Murry and Norwood); and Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Drs Cook, Ndetan, and Singh) and Medicine/Pulmonology (Mss Sigler and Guthrie and Dr Philley), The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler.


Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, The University of Texas, Health Science Center at Tyler, Tyler, USA


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, Texas


Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, TX, USA


Research Institute Parker University Dallas TX USA

Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas.


Parker University, Dallas, TX, USA.


Parker University Research Institute, 2500 Walnut Hill Lane, 75229, Dallas, TX, USA


Parker College Research Institute

Department of Biostatistics, UNT Health Sciences Center School of Public Health, Fort Worth, TX


Department of Biostatistics, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Assistant Professor, Parker College of Chiropractic, Dallas, Tex


Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of North Texas Health Science Center, 3500 Camp Bowie Blvd., 76107, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Assistant Professor of Research, Parker Chiropractic Research Institute


Research Associate, Parker Research Institute, Dallas, TX

Prominent publications by Harrison T Ndetan

KOL-Index: 10608 . OBJECTIVE: To assess linkage and retention in care along the PMTCT cascade in HIV-positive pregnant and breastfeeding women initiating Option B+ in Cameroon. METHODS: We prospectively determined uptake of HIV testing and counselling (HTC), uptake of ART and retention in care after Option B+ initiation between October 2013 and December 2014 in pregnant and breastfeeding women from five ...
Known for Art Retention | Initiating Option | Lifelong Antiretroviral | Pmtct Cascade
KOL-Index: 8558 . BACKGROUND: The role of zoonotic biological agents in human cancer occurrence has been little studied. Humans are commonly exposed to viruses that naturally infect and cause cancer in food animals such as poultry that constitute part of the biological environment. It is not known if these viruses cause cancer in humans. OBJECTIVE: To study cancer mortality in the largest cohort to date, of ...
Known for Cancer Mortality | Union Pension Fund | Poultry Workers | Humans Viruses
KOL-Index: 6925 . Dietary supplements may improve sport performance in adults. However, this has not been established in children. The aim of this study was to assess self-reported or parental-reported dietary supplement use to enhance sports performance among the child subset of the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) dataset and determine national population estimates for that use. NHIS 2007 Child ...
Known for United States | Sport Performance | Dietary Supplement | National Health
KOL-Index: 6908 . OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence, distribution, severity, risk factors of, and response to musculoskeletal injuries to the low back, hand/wrist, and neck/shoulder among chiropractic students while receiving and/or administering adjustments/manipulation while attending a chiropractic college. METHODS: The study was an epidemiologic survey of chiropractic ...
Known for Musculoskeletal Injuries | Chiropractic Students | Neck Pain | Hand Wrist
KOL-Index: 6803 . We previously studied mortality up to 1989 in 2,639 members of a local union who had ever worked in poultry slaughtering and processing plants, because they were exposed to oncogenic viruses present in poultry. In this report, cancer mortality was updated to the year 2003 for 2,580 of the 2,639 subjects who worked exclusively in poultry plants. Mortality in poultry workers was compared ...
Known for Poultry Cohort | Malignant Diseases | Oncogenic Viruses | Baltimore Union
KOL-Index: 6580 . OBJECTIVE: To make a preliminary assessment of the potential role of the most frequently used licensed or certified United States complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) providers in chronic disease prevention and health promotion. METHOD: This was a secondary analysis of the 2007 United States National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), the most recent to include CAM use. The Adult Core ...
Known for Health Promotion | Chronic Disease | Interview Survey | Secondary Analysis
KOL-Index: 6330 . The objective of this study was to investigate whether a single session of chiropractic care could increase strength in weak plantar flexor muscles in chronic stroke patients. Maximum voluntary contractions (strength) of the plantar flexors, soleus evoked V-waves (cortical drive), and H-reflexes were recorded in 12 chronic stroke patients, with plantar flexor muscle weakness, using a ...
Known for Stroke Patients | Single Session | Chiropractic Strength | Control Intervention
KOL-Index: 6313 . BackgroundAntiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence in preventing HIV mother-to-child transmission in association with virological suppression and risk factors of low adherence in the Cameroon’s Option B+ programme are poorly understood. We used a composite adherence score (CAS) to determine adherence and risk factors of poor adherence in association with virological treatment response in ...
Known for Art Adherence | Hiv Infections | Viral Load | Positive Pregnant
KOL-Index: 6167 . OBJECTIVE: The recommendations of health care providers have been shown to be a predictor of future healthy behaviors. However, patient adherence to these recommendations may differ based upon the type of health care professional providing the information. This study explored patient compliance in the United States over a 12-month period and contracted the patient response to ...
Known for Health Promotion | United States | Interview Survey | Medical Doctors
KOL-Index: 5971 . OBJECTIVE: The causes of death in the United States have moved from infectious to chronic diseases with modifiable behavioral risk factors. Simultaneously, there has been a paradigm shift in health care provisions with increased emphases on prevention and health promotion. Use of professional complementary and alternative medicine, such as chiropractic care, has increased. The purpose of ...
Known for United States | General Medical | Low Pain | Health Promotion
KOL-Index: 5741 . PURPOSE: The theory of reasoned action is a health behavioral theory that has been used to predict personal health behaviors and intentions as well as those of providers delivering health care. The purpose of this study was to determine interns' future practices regarding the use of health promotion using this model to develop survey questions and to determine attitudes and perceived ...
Known for Health Promotion | Chiropractic Interns | Attitudes Beliefs | Future Practice
KOL-Index: 5631 . OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to describe use of chiropractic and/or osteopathic manipulation by children in the United States along with the specific health conditions for which they sought care. METHODS: The study was a secondary data analysis of the National Health Interview Survey 2007, Child Alternative Medicine file as well as the Child Core Sample. National population ...
Known for United States | National Health | Osteopathic Manipulation | Interview Survey
KOL-Index: 5416 . Background/Objective: India is the world's most biodiverse region and is undergoing a period of dramatic social and economic change. Due to population's explosion, climate change and lax implementation of environmental policies, the incidence of breast cancer is increasing. From population-based cancer registry data, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in urban registries ...
Known for Breast Cancer | Indian Women | Observational Studies
KOL-Index: 5329 . Objective: To explore the survival benefit of tofacitinib in addition to dexamethasone in hospitalized patients treated for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-related pneumonia. Patients and Methods: This is a single-center retrospective observational study. All patients who were hospitalized at Delta Regional Medical Center (a regional hospital in the Mississippi Delta) with a COVID-19 ...
Known for Covid19 Pneumonia | Hospitalized Patients | Received Tofacitinib | Potential Benefit
KOL-Index: 4559 . BACKGROUND: Current dosing of intrapleural fibrinolytic therapy (IPFT) in adults with complicated parapneumonic effusion (CPE) / empyema is empiric, as dose-escalation trials have not previously been conducted. We hypothesized that LTI-01 (scuPA), which is relatively resistant to PA inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), would be well-tolerated. METHODS: This was an open-label, dose-escalation trial of ...
Known for Empyema Pleural | Parapneumonic Effusions | Single Chain | Fibrinolytic Therapy

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Department of Biostatistics, University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, 11937 U.S. Hwy 271, Tyler, TX 75708, USA. | Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, The University of Texas Health Science Center, 75708, Tyler, TX, USA | Departme