• Fractured Nose
  • Fractured Nose

    Fractured Nose: Top KOLs in the world

    Arnold G D MARAN #1
    Arnold G D MARAN
    Dundee Royal Infirmary, Dundee | Department of Otolaryngolog
    Known for Chronic Rhinitis | Nasal Fractures | Informed Consent | Parotid Gland | Globus Sensation
    J A M Murray #2
    J A M Murray
    Department of Otolaryngology, The Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh
    Known for Day Case | Air Meatography | Clinical Examination | Facial Nerve | Adult Epiglottitis

    Douglas H Harrison #3
    Douglas H Harrison
    United Kingdom | Suite 2, 14 Queen Anne Street, London W1G 9
    Known for Closed Rhinoplasty | Fasciocutaneous Island | Bulstrode Nw | Facial Symmetry | Pectoralis Minor
    Hunter Fry #4
    Hunter Fry
    Plastic Surgeon, Bethesda Hospital, Melbourne, Australia | M
    Known for Overuse Syndromes | Interlocked Stresses | Occupational Cramp | Divided Levator | Palpebrae Superioris
    Hunter Fry #5
    Hunter Fry
    Department of Plastic and Maxillo Facial Surgery, Royal Melb
    Known for Enucleated Eye Socket | Nasal Trauma | Submucous Resection | Septal Cartilage | Interlocked Stresses
    Ian J Mackenzie #6
    Ian J Mackenzie
    Edinburgh | Department of Otolaryngology, The Royal Infirmar
    Known for Sphenoid Sinusitis | Parapharyngeal Space | Parotid Gland | Undergraduate Ent Teaching | Pleomorphic Adenoma
    Jonathan A M Murray #7
    Jonathan A M Murray
    Department of Otolaryngology, University of Edinburgh UK
    Known for Bridge Width | Nasal Fractures | Closed Reduction | Fractured Nose | Pathological Classification
    Gillian Raab #8
    Gillian Raab
    Medical Computing and Statistics Unit, Edinburgh University,
    Known for Disease Clusters | Ecological Studies | Social Reality | Scottish Longitudinal Study | Closed Reduction
    David T Sharpe #9
    David T Sharpe
    Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit, University of Bradf
    Known for Wound Healing | Aminophylline Cream | Tissue Expansion | Breast Reconstruction | Total Capsulectomy
    M G Dickson #10
    M G Dickson
    Senior Registrar in Plastic Surgery, St. James's Hospital, L
    Known for Prospective Survey | 60 Patients | Manipulation Anaesthetic | Standardized Proforma | Nasal Fractures

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