• Functional Incontinence
  • Functional Incontinence

    Functional Incontinence: Top KOLs in the world

    Piet B Hoebeke #1
    Piet B Hoebeke
    Department of Urology, Ghent University Hospital, 9000 Gent,
    Known for Dysfunctional Voiding | Urinary Tract | Urethral Strictures | Circadian Rhythm | Nocturnal Enuresis
    Johan Van de Walle #2
    Johan Van de Walle
    Department of Pediatric Nephrology, University Hospital Ghen
    Known for Circadian Rhythm | Urinary Incontinence | Problem Behavior | Attention Deficit | Nocturnal Enuresis

    Kelm Hjälmås #3
    Kelm Hjälmås
    Queen Silvia Children's Hospital, Sahlgrenska Academy at Got
    Known for Bladder Dysfunction | Vitamin B12 | Posterior Urethral Valves | Ureteral Diameter | Nocturnal Enuresis
    Stuart B Bauer #4
    Stuart B Bauer
    Department of Urology, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, M
    Known for Urinary Tract | Neurogenic Bladder | Residual Volume | Urodynamic Studies | Vesicoureteral Reflux
    Alan J Wein #5
    Alan J Wein
    Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, University of Pe
    Known for Smooth Muscle | Field Stimulation | Contractile Response | Urinary Bladder | Prostate Cancer
    Tryggve Nevéus #6
    Tryggve Nevéus
    Department of Women's and Children's Health, Uppsala Univers
    Known for Enuretic Children | Hpv Vaccination | Blood Pressure | Rapid Maxillary Expansion | Nocturnal Enuresis
    Tom P V M de Jong #7
    Tom P V M de Jong
    Pediatric Urology, University Children's Hospitals UMC Utrec
    Known for Urinary Tract | Dysfunctional Voiding | Bladder Neck | Hypospadias Repair | Spina Bifida
    Alexander von Gontard #8
    Alexander von Gontard
    Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Saarland Univ
    Known for Daytime Wetting | Elimination Disorders | Preschool Children | Nocturnal Enuresis | Urinary Incontinence
    Soeren Rittig #9
    Soeren Rittig
    Department of Paediatrics, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhu
    Known for Nephrotic Syndrome | Diabetes Insipidus | Urine Output | Healthy Children | Nocturnal Enuresis
    Wendy Fiona Bower #10
    Wendy Fiona Bower
    Melbourne Health and University of Melbourne, Victoria, Aust
    Known for Urinary Tract | Hong Kong | Infrared Light | Nocturnal Enuresis | Overactive Bladder

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