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Galactosemia: Top KOLs in the world

George N Donnell #1
George N Donnell
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and Department of Pediatrics,
Known for Propionic Acidemia |  Cultured Skin Fibroblasts |  Galactosemia Patients |  Normal Children |  Uridine Diphosphate
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, USA | Department of B
Known for Gaucher Disease |  Thiamine Pyrophosphate |  Classic Galactosemia |  Glucose Transport |  Insulin Receptor

Stanton S Segal #3
Stanton S Segal
Metabolic Research Laboratory, The Children's Hospital of Ph
Known for Galactose Metabolism |  Kidney Cortex |  Cystine Uptake |  Fanconi Syndrome |  Amino Acids
Gerard Thomas Berry #4
Gerard Thomas Berry
Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA | Boston Children's H
Known for Galactose Metabolism |  Newborn Screening |  Lung Transplantation |  Congenital Disorders
Harvey L Levy #5
Harvey L Levy
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States | Division
Known for United States |  Phenylalanine Hydroxylase |  Amino Acid |  Newborn Screening |  Maternal Phenylketonuria
Judith L Fridovich‐Keil #6
Judith L Fridovich‐Keil
Department of Human Genetics, School of Medicine, Emory Univ
Known for Galactose Metabolism |  Ovarian Function |  Newborn Screening |  Leloir Pathway
Annet Maria Bosch #7
Annet Maria Bosch
Department of Pediatrics, Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterda
Known for Mental Health |  Movement Disorders |  Galactokinase Deficiency |  Classical Galactosemia |  Newborn Screening
Won Gin Ng #8
Won Gin Ng
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and Department of Pediatrics,
Known for Prenatal Diagnosis |  Duarte Variant |  Uridine Diphosphate |  Normal Children |  Ovarian Cancer
D D Waggoner #9
D D Waggoner
Department of Crippled Children's Division, Oregon Health Sc
Known for 350 Cases |  New Approaches |  Preschool Food |  Verbal Dyspraxia |  Treated Galactosemia
N R M Buist #10
N R M Buist
Departments of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics, Oregon Healt
Known for Pyruvate Carboxylase |  Neonatal Hypothyroidism |  Adult Galactosaemia Females |  Prenatal Diagnosis |  Treatment Products


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