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    Glycoscience: Top KOLs in the world

    Ajit P Varki #1
    Ajit P Varki
    Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, University of C
    Known for Rat Liver | Human Evolution | Cell Surface | Antigens Differentiation | Sialic Acids
    Carolyn Ruth Bertozzi #2
    Carolyn Ruth Bertozzi
    Stanford ChEM-H, Stanford University, Stanford, California,
    Known for Cell Surface | Staudinger Ligation | Chemistry Journals | Mycobacterium Tuberculosis | Author Communitiesapril

    Raymond Allen Dwek #3
    Raymond Allen Dwek
    Oxford Glycobiology Institute, Department of Biochemistry, U
    Known for Rheumatoid Arthritis | Combining Site | Endoplasmic Reticulum | Mass Spectrometry | Magnetic Resonance
    James C Paulson #4
    James C Paulson
    Department of Molecular Medicine, The Scripps Research Insti
    Known for Sialic Acid | Receptor Specificity | Cell Surface | Gal Beta | Influenza Virus
    Pauline Mary Rudd #5
    Pauline Mary Rudd
    Bioprocessing Technology Institute, Agency for Science, Tech
    Known for Mass Spectrometry | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Protein Glycosylation | Ovarian Cancer | Monoclonal Antibodies
    Peter H Seeberger #6
    Peter H Seeberger
    Department of Biomolecular Systems, Max Planck Institute of
    Known for Total Synthesis | Carbohydrate Microarrays | Streptococcus Pneumoniae | Glycosyl Phosphates | Automated Glycan Assembly
    Chi‐Huey Wong #7
    Chi‐Huey Wong
    Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, 128, Section 2 Ac
    Known for Sialyl Lewis | Influenza Virus | Enzymatic Synthesis | Cheminform Abstract | Microtiter Plates
    Jamey D Marth #8
    Jamey D Marth
    Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
    Known for Positive Selection | Mice Mice | Polysialic Acid | Selectin Ligands | Kupffer Cells
    Anne Imberty #9
    Anne Imberty
    Université Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, CERMAV, 601 rue de la chim
    Known for Molecular Modeling | Crystal Structure | Heparan Sulfate | Binding Site | Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
    Richard D Cummings #10
    Richard D Cummings
    Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA | Harvard Glycom
    Known for Glycan Microarrays | Schistosoma Mansoni | Influenza Virus | Sialyl Lewis | Linked Oligosaccharides

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    Glycoscience Glycoscience is the study of carbohydrates, including their structure, function and biosynthesis.