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    KOL Index score: 11002

    PURPOSE: To understand the influence of academic discourses about family medicine on medical students' professional identity construction during undergraduate training.

    METHOD: The authors used a multiple case study research design involving international medical schools, one each from Canada, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom (UK). The authors completed the fieldwork between 2007 and 2009 by conducting 18 focus groups (with 132 students) and 67 semistructured interviews with ...

    Also Ranks for: Medical Students |  academic discourses |  united kingdom |  undergraduate practice |  canada france
    KOL Index score: 7792

    Some motivational models understand health behavior as a result of the interaction between goal preferences and mood. However, this perspective has not been explored in fibromyalgia. Furthermore, in chronic pain, it has only been explored with regard to negative affect. Thus, our aims were: (1) to develop a Spanish version of the Goal Pursuit Questionnaire (GPQ); (2) to explore the relationships between goal preferences and health outcomes, testing the moderator role of affect and the ...

    Also Ranks for: Goal Preferences |  activity patterns |  health outcomes |  pain avoidance |  spanish version
    KOL Index score: 5536

    BACKGROUND: Walking is recommended for fibromyalgia, but the rate of adherence to this exercise is not known. Poor adherence to physical exercise can limit the effectiveness in health benefits.

    OBJECTIVES: To examine adherence to interventions that include walking for fibromyalgia and to explore its moderators among the characteristics of patients, of the walking prescription and of the interventions.

    DATA SOURCES: References from 2000 to 2016 have been collected through PubMed, ...

    Also Ranks for: Walking Programs |  fibromyalgia exercise |  methodological quality |  adherence physical
    KOL Index score: 5445

    Based on the theory of planned behavior, this study examined factors related to the intention to adhere to an unsupervised walking program and the intention-behavior gap in relation to walking adherence in women with fibromyalgia. We also accounted for specific variables: fear of movement, pain intensity, distress and disability. TPB constructs, walking behavior and the above-mentioned variables were assessed in 274 women aged 18 to 70 years old (mean 51.8, range 25.5-69.1 years) at ...

    Also Ranks for: Women Fibromyalgia |  walking behavior |  exercise female |  aged 18 |  increased likelihood
    KOL Index score: 4120

    Although fatigue usually goes unnoticed, it is a symptom that poses great challenges to patients with fibromyalgia and is a strong limitation. The aim of this study is to identify and describe the variables involved in fatigue in nine different situations of the Goal Pursuit Questionnaire (GPQ) that may occur in the daily lives of women with fibromyalgia, according to an ABC (Antecedents-Behaviors-Consequences) model. This study followed a qualitative descriptive research method and a ...

    Also Ranks for: Women Fibromyalgia |  goal pursuit questionnaire
    KOL Index score: 3907

    The fear-avoidance model provides an explanation for the development of chronic pain, including the role of perception (i.e. pain catastrophism) as an explanatory variable. Recent research has shown that the relationship between pain catastrophism and avoidance is influenced in turn by different psychological and contextual variables, highlighting the affective-motivational ones. From this perspective, the Goal Pursuit Questionnaire (GPQ) was developed to measure the preference for ...

    Also Ranks for: Pain Fatigue |  avoidance goals |  women fibromyalgia
    KOL Index score: 3685

    The main objective of this study is to identify fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) clusters using the Revised Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQR), and to examine whether the clusters differ in sociodemographic characteristics, clinical measures, direct and indirect costs, levels of inflammatory markers, and brain morphometry. A hierarchical cluster analysis was performed to classify a large, pooled Spanish sample of patients with FMS (N = 947) using the FIQR as clustering variable. A ...

    Also Ranks for: Fibromyalgia Impact |  clinical measures |  analysis cytokines |  external validity |  direct indirect costs
    KOL Index score: 3491

    The intrinsically adaptive or maladaptive nature of certain activity patterns in fibromyalgia (FM) has been put into question. The role of contextual factors related to their influence on functional limitation is required. Perfectionism complicates the ability to cope of these patients. The aim of the study has been to analyze the moderating role of perfectionism between activity patterns and functional limitation. The sample were 228 women with FM. Moderation analyses were conducted ...

    Also Ranks for: Activity Patterns |  women fibromyalgia |  pain avoidance |  moderating role |  excessive persistence
    KOL Index score: 2692

    Pain catastrophizing and pain acceptance have been associated with functioning in fibromyalgia. In relation to activity patterns, pacing has been defined as a helpful pattern to regulate activities in the context of value-based goals, but results regarding whether it is adaptive or not are controversial. This study analyzes the moderating role of pain acceptance between pain catastrophizing and pacing in 231 women with fibromyalgia. Moderation analyses were conducted with model 1 from ...

    Also Ranks for: Women Fibromyalgia |  activity patterns |  analyses conducted
    KOL Index score: 2611

    BACKGROUND: Despite significant differences in terms of medical training and health care context, the phenomenon of medical students' declining interest in family medicine has been well documented in North America and in many other developed countries as well. As part of a research program on family physicians' professional identity formation initiated in 2007, the purpose of the present investigation is to examine in-depth how family physicians construct their professional image in ...

    Also Ranks for: Professional Identity |  role physicians |  institutional theory |  individual interviews |  medical training
    KOL Index score: 1992

    BACKGROUND: Exercise and physical activity are an evidence-based practice for chronic pain. Health professionals need instruments to assess self-efficacy for this practice taking into account the specific barriers of patients with these health problems.

    PURPOSE: To develop and test the psychometric properties of a new self-efficacy scale for physical activity and walking exercise in patients with fibromyalgia.

    DESIGN: A cross-sectional and prospective study was conducted in a Spanish ...

    Also Ranks for: Physical Activity |  patients fibromyalgia |  sectional prospective |  design cross
    KOL Index score: 1838

    Identifying which warning signs (WS) of intimate partner violence against girls (IPV) must be included in prevention programs is essential, since there is not an explicit consensus. Our first aim was identifying the most frequent WS included in the reviewed Spanish prevention guides by means of a content analysis performed independently by three judges.  Our second aim was subjecting these to a sample of adolescents (n=60) to know: (1) if they identify them as abusive behaviours; (2) how ...

    Also Ranks for: Intimate Partner Violence |  abusive behaviours |  adolescent girls
    KOL Index score: 1816

    The objective of this study is to test the efficacy of a group motivational plus implementation intentions intervention in promoting adherence to an unsupervised walking program recommended for fibromyalgia, compared to an implementation intentions condition and to an active control condition. A triple-blind, randomized, longitudinal study with measures at baseline, short (seven weeks post-intervention), mid (12 weeks) and long-term (36 weeks) is performed. Data are analyzed using ...

    Also Ranks for: Women Fibromyalgia |  study measures
    KOL Index score: 1341

    BACKGROUND: The psychological flexibility model states that activity patterns are not deemed to be intrinsically functional or dysfunctional; it is considered that underlying factors, such as personal goals and contextual factors, are what will determine their effects on disability. Pain catastrophizing has frequently been associated with several important pain-related outcomes. Despite its recent conceptualization within affective-motivational approaches, its moderating role between ...

    Also Ranks for: Pain Catastrophizing |  women fibromyalgia


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    Concept World rank
    goals action guidelines #4
    pursuit questionnaire #4
    fibromyalgia qualitative study #4
    motivational theories pain #4
    230 fm women #4
    maladaptive perfectionism anxiety #4
    rule fibromyalgia #4
    goal pursuit questionnaire #4
    fatigue 4 rule #4
    fibromyalgia abc #4
    abc model fatigue #4
    exercise shortterm #5
    walking programs fibromyalgia #5
    measures pedometers #5
    logbook pedometers #5
    goal mood #5
    specific selfreport methods #5
    pain acceptance pacing #5
    pacing patterns goals #5
    fibromyalgia shortterm #5
    walk questionnaire #5
    objective measures pedometers #5
    fibromyalgia walking behavior #5
    acceptance pacing #5
    fibromyalgia activity patterns #5
    pedometers report #5
    walk logbook #5
    ipaqs logbook #5
    helpful pattern #5
    walking exercise women #5
    goals pacing patterns #5
    agreement report measures #5
    selfimposed duties #5
    pain regulatory mechanism #5
    05 motivational #5
    spanish fibromyalgia unit #5
    fibromyalgia moderation analyses #5
    context valuebased goals #5
    participants 157 women #5
    standard walking program #5
    regulatory mechanism goals #5
    catastrophizing pacing #5
    gpq fibromyalgia patients #6
    pa efficacy mvpa #6
    spanish gpq #6
    worrying goal #6
    walking persistence women #6
    gpqf fibromyalgia #6
    gpqf #6
    voluntary 6 bouts #6

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    Concepts for whichMaría Ángeles Pastor Mirahas direct influence:Activity patterns,  Goal preferences,  Pain acceptance,  Pain catastrophizing,  Women fibromyalgia,  Fibromyalgia patients,  Walking programs,  Walking exercise.

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