Maria Angeles Pastor-Mira

Maria Angeles Pastor-Mira

C. Rodríguez Is Associate Professor, Area Of Health Services Research, Department Of Family Medicine, And Director, Mcgill Family Medicine Educational Research Group (Fmer), ...

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goal preferences
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physical activity
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physical activity
pain catastrophizing
occupational balance
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childhood trauma
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Prominent publications by Maria Angeles Pastor-Mira

KOL-Index: 53 BACKGROUND: The psychological flexibility model states that activity patterns are not deemed to be intrinsically functional or dysfunctional; it is considered that underlying factors, such as personal goals and contextual factors, are what will determine their effects on disability. Pain catastrophizing has frequently been associated with several important pain-related outcomes. Despite its ...
Known for
Avoidance Excessive | Role Activity | Psychological Flexibility Models | Helplessness Moderating
KOL-Index: 47 Physical activity and exercise are relevant behaviors for fibromyalgia health outcomes; however, patients have difficulties undertaking and maintaining an active lifestyle. With a cross-sectional design, this study explored the role of pain-related worrying and goal preferences in the walking persistence of women with fibromyalgia. The sample included 111 women who attended a tertiary health ...
Known for
Avoidance Goal | Preference Pain | 30 Task | Six-Minute Walk Test
KOL-Index: 47 OBJECTIVES: Avoidance, persistence, and pacing are activity patterns that have different adaptive effects in chronic pain patients. Some inconsistent findings have been explained from a contextual perspective that underlines the purpose of the activity. In this way, avoidance, persistence, and pacing are multidimensional constructs, nuanced by their goals. This multidimensionality has been ...
Known for
Constructs Pacing | Avoidance Persistence Activity | Psychosocial Variables | Acceptable Fit Indices
KOL-Index: 40 Being physically active has positive effects on fibromyalgia functioning. However, promoting an active lifestyle in these patients continues to be a relevant clinical challenge. Our aim was to test a motivational model to explain light (LPA) and moderate-vigorous physical activity (MVPA). A cross-sectional prospective study was conducted at a tertiary level of care. Participants completed ...
Known for
Intensities Motivational | Moderate-Vigorous Physical Activity | Aforementioned | Structural Models
KOL-Index: 38 Pain catastrophizing and pain acceptance have been associated with functioning in fibromyalgia. In relation to activity patterns, pacing has been defined as a helpful pattern to regulate activities in the context of value-based goals, but results regarding whether it is adaptive or not are controversial. This study analyzes the moderating role of pain acceptance between pain catastrophizing ...
Known for
Catastrophizing Pain | 231 Women | Clear Moderating | Helpful Pattern
KOL-Index: 31 The fear-avoidance model provides an explanation for the development of chronic pain, including the role of perception (i.e. pain catastrophism) as an explanatory variable. Recent research has shown that the relationship between pain catastrophism and avoidance is influenced in turn by different psychological and contextual variables, highlighting the affective-motivational ones. From this ...
Known for
Pain Spanish | Mood-Management Goal | Conditional Mediation Relationships | Explanatory
KOL-Index: 27 Fibromyalgia (FM) patients are known to be highly demanding of themselves in achieving goals. In fact, some authors suggest that perfectionism influences maladaptive coping regarding health and hinders routine tasks. Despite the evidence about the anxiety caused by this demanding pattern and the difficulty it creates in dealing with the conflict between goals, to date, there are no studies ...
Known for
Pain Conflict | 230 Fm Women | Personalization | Cognitive Fusion
KOL-Index: 27 Although fatigue usually goes unnoticed, it is a symptom that poses great challenges to patients with fibromyalgia and is a strong limitation. The aim of this study is to identify and describe the variables involved in fatigue in nine different situations of the Goal Pursuit Questionnaire (GPQ) that may occur in the daily lives of women with fibromyalgia, according to an ABC ...
Known for
Symptom Fibromyalgia | Qualitative Fatigue
KOL-Index: 24 The intrinsically adaptive or maladaptive nature of certain activity patterns in fibromyalgia (FM) has been put into question. The role of contextual factors related to their influence on functional limitation is required. Perfectionism complicates the ability to cope of these patients. The aim of the study has been to analyze the moderating role of perfectionism between activity patterns ...
Known for
Intrinsically Adaptive Maladaptive Nature | Activity Women | Moderation | Role Perfectionism
KOL-Index: 24 BACKGROUND: Exercise and physical activity are an evidence-based practice for chronic pain. Health professionals need instruments to assess self-efficacy for this practice taking into account the specific barriers of patients with these health problems. PURPOSE: To develop and test the psychometric properties of a new self-efficacy scale for physical activity and walking exercise in patients ...
Known for
Adequate Psychometric | Women Fibromyalgia | Professionals Instruments | Properties Physical

C. Rodríguez is associate professor, Area of Health Services Research, Department of Family Medicine, and director, McGill Family Medicine Educational Research Group (FMER), McGill University, and senior research scholar, Fonds de recherche du Quebec

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