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    KOL Index score: 4939

    1In an aselective group of 107 patients who clinically showed absences (petit mal), grand mal, or a combination of petit mal and grand mal, with EEG paroxysms of bilaterally synchronous spike-wave complexes in all cases, and who were all given Ethosuximide, the influence of this drug on the grand mal seizures was studied.The anti-epileptic medication of none of these patients was exclusively Ethosuximide.2In the 32 patients with a history of absences only, no instance of grand mal ...

    Also Ranks for: Absence Epilepsy |  spike wave |  tonic clonic |  ethosuximide humans |  bilaterally synchronous
    KOL Index score: 2176

    1.1. In the nembutalized or curarized cat, the injection of subconvulsant doses of Metrazol produces a state in which single acoustic or visual stimuli evoke bilateral myoclonic twitches.2.2. After ablation of the motor cortex on one side, the myoclonic response becomes asymmetrical, being completely or partially suppressed on the side contralateral to the ablation.3.3. After ablation of the motor cortex bilaterally, the myoclonic response is suppressed, but reappears bilaterally after ...

    Also Ranks for: Reflex Myoclonus |  motor cortex
    KOL Index score: 1447

    Treatment of 60 epileptic patients with α-ethyl-α-methylsuccinimide (PM 671) during periods of 1.5 to 29 months showed that this compound is an important acquisition to the therapy of petit mal.

    In the case of patients who also suffered from generalized seizures, it was found that if the absences disappeared during treatment the generalized seizures also disappeared.

    Le traitement de 60 malades épileptiques par α-ethyl-α-méthylsuccinimide (PM 671) effectué pendant des périodes de 1.5 à ...

    Also Ranks for: Treatment Epilepsy |  cours traitement
    KOL Index score: 1264

    There is a generally known interaction between epilepsy and social environment. The influence of this interaction on the epileptic child can become manifest in behaviour and adjustment, and in the frequency of seizures.

    In this connection, family and school are discussed as the main constituents of the background of childhood epilepsy.

    A few remarks are made on the organization of management and treatment.

    Il y a une action réciproque bien connue entre l'épilepsie et le milieu social. ...

    Also Ranks for: Social Aspects |  epileptic child |  epilepsy humans


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    Concept World rank
    grand seizures ethosuximide #1
    présentaient crises #1
    présentaient absences #1
    grand 22 #1
    aggravation sous #1
    certainty ethosuximide medication #1
    exacerbation crises #1
    malade montrait #1
    lethosuximide chez #1
    synchrones pointe #1
    akinétiques peut #1
    absences akinetic #1
    grand sous #1
    aggravation 7 #1
    grand leffet #1
    lethosuximide foyer #1
    exacerbation grand seizures #1
    crises akinétiques #1
    akinetic attacks exacerbation #1
    favourable ethosuximide #1
    satisfaisante résultats #1
    107 patients absences #1
    grand 32 sujets #1
    grand eeg paroxysms #1
    fois fut #1
    lethosuximide sur #1
    showing exacerbation #1
    absences akinetic seizures #1
    petit crises #1
    temporal décharges #1
    sur crises grand #1
    temporal seulement #1
    cours thérapeutique #1
    akinetic attacks #1
    montrait avant #1
    dune exacerbation #1
    grand eeg #1
    exacerbation grand #1
    satisfaisante chez #1
    ethosuximide medication #1
    22 seulement #1
    14 patients grand #1
    10 aggravation #1
    produit 7 #1
    lethosuximide #1
    paroxysms bilaterally #1
    temporal focus addition #1
    paroxysmes bilatéraux #1
    addition paroxysms #1
    autre malade #1

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    clinical comparative study liver function tests clonazepam patients
    Albert M Lorentz DE HAAS
    grand ethosuximide social aspects absences petit
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    Concepts for whichAlbert M Lorentz DE HAAShas direct influence:Grand ethosuximide,  Ethosuximide grand,  Grand seizures ethosuximide,  Petit grand,  Grand petit,  Crises grand,  Grand seizures,  Absence epilepsy.

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