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    KOL Index score: 4939

    1In an aselective group of 107 patients who clinically showed absences (petit mal), grand mal, or a combination of petit mal and grand mal, with EEG paroxysms of bilaterally synchronous spike-wave complexes in all cases, and who were all given Ethosuximide, the influence of this drug on the grand mal seizures was studied.The anti-epileptic medication of none of these patients was exclusively Ethosuximide.2In the 32 patients with a history of absences only, no instance of grand mal ...

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    KOL Index score: 4116

    Between 1988 and 1994, 441 patients were successfully resuscitated outside hospital in the city of Rotterdam, of whom 276 (63%) were discharged from hospital alive. Long-term survival was studied amongst those who were discharged alive. The duration of follow-up averaged 6.71 years. A survival rate of 88% after 1 year, 81% after 3 years, 77% after 5 years and 73% after 7 years was found. After multivariate analysis, age, diagnosis and gender were found to be independent and significant ...

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    clonic ethosuximide #20
    longterm survival hospital #62
    patients absences #81

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    Anton M L Coenen
    absence epilepsy paradoxical sleep spikewave discharges
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    absence epilepsy audiogenic seizures animal models
    Egidius L J M van Luijtelaar
    absence epilepsy spikewave discharges rem sleep
    Gilles L J M van Luijtelaar
    absence epilepsy wag rij wave discharges
    Christian Marescaux†
    absence epilepsy audiogenic seizures wistar rats
    Marguerite Vergnes
    absence epilepsy audiogenic seizures wistar rats

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    Concepts for whichM Kuilmanhas direct influence:Absence epilepsy,  Longterm survival,  Longterm survival hospital,  Hospital cardiac,  Survival hospital,  Hospital resuscitation,  Patients absences,  Spike wave.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which M Kuilman has influence:Cardiac arrest,  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation,  Passive benefit,  Patients hospital,  International airports,  Antiepileptic drugs,  Icu survivors.



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