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Autologous adipose tissue transplantation is clinically used to reduce dermal scarring and to restore volume loss. The therapeutic benefit on tissue damage more likely depends on the stromal vascular fraction of adipose tissue than on the adipocyte fraction. This stromal vascular fraction can be obtained by dissociation of adipose tissue, either enzymatically or mechanical. Enzymatic dissociation procedures are time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, we developed a new inexpensive ...

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The skin is the largest organ of the human body and is the first line of defense against physical and biological damage. Thus, the skin is equipped to self-repair and regenerates after trauma. Skin regeneration after damage comprises a tightly spatial-temporally regulated process of wound healing that involves virtually all cell types in the skin. Wound healing features five partially overlapping stages: homeostasis, inflammation, proliferation, re-epithelization, and finally resolution ...

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BACKGROUND: Lipofilling is a treatment modality to restore tissue volume, but it may also rejuvenate the aging skin. Platelet-rich plasma has been reported to augment the efficacy of lipofilling, both on graft take and rejuvenation, by altering the adipose-derived stem cells. The authors hypothesized that addition of platelet-rich plasma would increase the rejuvenating effect and shorten recovery time.

METHODS: The study conducted was a single-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled, ...

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The administration of trophic factors (TFs) released by mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) as therapy for cardiovascular diseases requires a delivery vehicle capable of binding and releasing the TF in a sustained manner. We hypothesized that hydrogels derived from cardiac decellularized extracellular matrix (cardiac dECM) bind MSC secretome-derived TF and release these in a sustained fashion. Pig-derived ventricular tissue was decellularized, milled to powder, digested, and assembled as a ...

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Adipose tissue-derived stromal cells (ASCs) are a promising candidates for cellular therapy in the field of regenerative medicine. ASCs are multipotent mesenchymal stem cell-like and reside in the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) of adipose tissue with the capacity to secrete a plethora of pro-regenerative growth factors. Future applications of ASCs may be restricted through (trans)national governmental policies that do not allow for use of nonhuman-derived (non-autologous) enzymes to ...

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Adipose tissue has the therapeutic capacity in the form of a fat graft, for example, for treatment of irradiation-induced scars and difficult to heal dermal wounds. For large-scale clinical application, an off-the-shelf product is warranted. In recent years, ECM-derived hydrogels are postulated to harbour therapeutic capacity and might even replicate the beneficial effects of adipose tissue. In normal homeostasis, the natural ECM acts as a deposit of growth factors, that releases them ...

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BACKGROUND: Conference abstracts often lack rigorous peer review, but potentially influence clinical thinking and practice. To evaluate the quality of abstracts submitted to a large surgical conference, presentation and publication rates were investigated to assess scientific impact.

METHODS: A Cross-sectional study of abstracts submitted to Dutch Surgical Society meetings from 2007 to 2012 was conducted. Presentation rates, publication rates in MEDLINE-indexed journals using PubMed ...

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Decellularized-organ-derived extracellular matrix (dECM) has been used for many years in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The manufacturing of hydrogels from dECM allows to make use of the pro-regenerative properties of the ECM and, simultaneously, to shape the material in any necessary way. The objective of the present project was to investigate differences between cardiovascular tissues (left ventricle, mitral valve, and aorta) with respect to generating dECM hydrogels and ...

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BACKGROUND: Autologous lipografting for improvement of facial skin quality was first described by Coleman in 2006. The current dogma dictates that adipose tissue-derived stromal cells that reside in the stromal vascular fraction of lipograft contribute to skin rejuvenation (e.g., increased skin elasticity), a more homogenous skin color, and softening of skin texture. Nowadays, many studies have been reported on this "skin rejuvenation" effect of autologous fat grafting. This systematic ...

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BACKGROUND: Photographic scales have become an increasingly used tool in objectively assessing outcomes in aesthetic surgery. However, no online photographic scale for assessing breast ptosis has been developed yet that is readily available.

OBJECTIVES: This study was designed to validate the online Rainbow Scale for the assessment of breast ptosis for the anterior-posterior (AP), lateral, and oblique views.

METHODS: For the five grades of the Rainbow Scale format, standardized reference ...

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BACKGROUND: Adipose tissue has been widely used in regenerative surgery for its therapeutic potential. This potential is often ascribed to the stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which can be mechanically isolated. Mechanical isolation results in an SVF that retains intact cell-cell communication including extracellular matrix and is therefore named tissue-SVF (tSVF).

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate a new disposable 1-hole fractionator for fractionation of adipose tissue ...

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Lipofilling, the transplantation of adipose tissue, has already been used since the end of the 19th century. For decades, lipofilling was used to restore loss of volume due to aging, trauma, or congenital defects. Later on, the indications for the use of lipofilling expanded by treating aged skin, scars, and improving wound healing. The expansion was caused by the discovery of adipose derived stromal cells (ASCs) in adipose tissue and the development of very fine harvesting and injection ...

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BACKGROUND: Lipofilling has become popular as a treatment to improve aging-related skin characteristics (eg, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, pores, or rosacea). Different additives such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or stromal vascular fraction (SVF) have been combined with lipofilling to increase the therapeutic effect of adipose-derived stromal cells (ASCs).

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to examine the hypothesis that mechanically isolated SVF augments the therapeutic effect of ...

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BACKGROUND: Wound healing and scar formation depends on a plethora of factors. Given the impact of abnormal scar formation, interventions aimed to improve scar formation would be most advantageous. The tissue stromal vascular fraction (tSVF) of adipose tissue is composed of a heterogenous mixture of cells embedded in extracellular matrix. It contains growth factors and cytokines involved in wound-healing processes, eg, parenchymal proliferation, inflammation, angiogenesis, and matrix ...

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