Anna Maria Colao

Anna Maria Colao

Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Endocrinology Unit, University Federico II, Naples, Italy | UNESCO Chair on Health Education and Sustainable Development, ...

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Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Endocrinology Unit, University Federico II, Naples, Italy


Centro Italiano per la Cura e il Benessere del paziente con Obesità (C.I.B.O), Endocrinology Unit, Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, University Federico II, Naples, Via Sergio Pansini 5, 80131 Naples, Italy;, (G.M.);, (G.P.);, (A.C.);, (S.S.)

Dipartimento di Medicina Clinica e Chirurgia, Sezione di Endocrinologia, Università “Federico II” di Napoli, Naples, Italy


UNESCO Chair on Health Education and Sustainable Development, Federico II University, Via S Pansini, 5, 80131, Naples Italy.

Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA), Milan, Italy


Endocrinology Unit, Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, University Federico II, Via Sergio Pasini 5, 80121, Naples, Italy


Federico II University Hospital, Napoli, Italy


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KOL Index score: 24058

Liver metastases from neuroendocrine tumor (NET) can be treated by transarterial embolization (TAE) or transarterial chemoembolization (TACE).

The goal of TAE and TACE is to reduce blood flow to the tumor resulting in tumor ischemia and necrosis. In this retrospective study, the effectiveness and safety of TAE–TACE in the treatment of liver metastases in patients with NET was compared. Thirty patients with a histologically confirmed gastro-entero-pancreatic NET with liver metastases were ...

Known for Liver Metastases |  Transarterial Chemoembolization |  Tace Tae |  Neuroendocrine Tumor |  Patients Net
KOL Index score: 21413

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common female endocrine disorder and is characterized by chronic anovulation, hyperandrogenism, and polycystic ovaries. Obesity, low-grade chronic inflammatory status, and insulin-resistance (IR) often coexist in PCOS. The Mediterranean diet (MD) is an anti-inflammatory dietary pattern, which is rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber, and high in monounsaturated fat. There is a close association among obesity, low-grade chronic inflammation, ...

Known for Body Composition |  Mediterranean Diet |  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome |  Pcos Women |  Adherence Md
KOL Index score: 18103

BACKGROUND: Patients with acromegaly have an increased morbidity and mortality for cardiovascular diseases. Despite the increasing evidence for the existence of a specific cardiomyopathy in acromegaly, the presence of vascular abnormalities has been never investigated.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the cardiovascular risk and premature atherosclerosis in acromegaly.

SUBJECTS: Forty-five patients with acromegaly and 30 sex- and age-matched healthy subjects were included in this study: 30 ...

Known for Patients Acromegaly |  Active Disease |  Hdl Cholesterol |  Common Carotid Arteries |  Media Thickness
KOL Index score: 16980

BACKGROUND: Many patients with acromegaly do not achieve biochemical control despite receiving high doses of the first-generation somatostatin analogues octreotide or lanreotide. In the PAOLA trial, we aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of two different doses of the somatostatin analogue pasireotide long-acting release compared with active control (octreotide or lanreotide) in patients with inadequately controlled acromegaly.

METHODS: In a multicentre, randomised, phase 3 trial, we ...

Known for Patients Pasireotide |  Continued Treatment |  Octreotide Lanreotide |  Inadequately Controlled |  Active Control
KOL Index score: 16345

OBJECTIVE: To compare effectiveness and tolerability of quinagolide (CV 205-502) and cabergoline (CAB) treatments in 39 patients with prolactinoma.

STUDY DESIGN: All 39 patients were treated first with quinagolide for 12 months and then with cabergoline for 12 months. A wash-out period was performed in all patients after 12 months of both treatments in order to evaluate recurrence of hyperprolactinaemia.

PATIENTS: Twenty-three patients with microprolactinoma (basal serum PRL levels ...

Known for Cab Treatment |  12 Months |  Tumour Shrinkage |  Prl Levels |  Macroprolactinoma Patients
KOL Index score: 16205

OBJECTIVE: This open, prospective study was designed to evaluate the effect of GH deficiency (GHD) on left ventricular (LV) mass (LVM) and performance, by echocardiography, and on lipid profile during childhood.

SUBJECTS: Twelve prepubertal children with GHD (eight boys and four girls) aged 8.1 +/- 1.7 years were studied before and after 6 and 12 months of GH replacement therapy at a dose of GH of 30 micro g/kg/day. Twelve healthy children sex-, height-, weight- and body surface ...

Known for 12 Months |  Gh Deficiency |  Replacement Therapy |  Ventricular Mass |  Lipid Profile
KOL Index score: 16184

Abstract: Vitamin D deficiency and obesity are two public health problems extensively exacerbated over the last years. Among the several mechanisms proposed to account for the complex interplay between vitamin D and obesity, one that has gained particular attention is related to the emerging role of obesity-related changes in gut microbiota and gut-derived metabolites, such as Trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO). Vitamin D deficiency and high circulating TMAO levels are associated with body ...

Known for Vitamin Obesity |  Tmao Nafld |  Fatty Liver |  Levels 0001 |  Mass Cross
KOL Index score: 15290

This study evaluated the effects of chronic treatment with cabergoline (CAB), a new, potent and long-lasting ergoline-derived dopamine agonist, on seminal fluid parameters and sexual and gonadal function in hyperprolactinemic males in comparison with the effect of bromocriptine (BRC) treatment. Seventeen males with macroprolactinoma were treated with CAB at a dose of 0.5-1.5 mg/week (n = 7), or BRC at a dose of 5-15 mg/day (n = 10) for 6 months. Baseline prolactin (PRL) was 925.7 +/- ...

Known for Cabergoline Treatment |  Gonadal Function |  Cab Brc |  6 Months |  Hyperprolactinemic Males
KOL Index score: 14984

Cabergoline (CAB), a long-lasting dopamine-agonist, specific for the D2 receptor, is effective in normalizing serum PRL levels in most patients with microprolactinoma or idiopathic hyperprolactinemia. Because few data are presently available on the effects of CAB treatment in macroprolactinomas, the aim of this open-label study was to investigate whether this drug was effective in producing tumor shrinkage, as well as in normalizing PRL levels. Twenty-three patients with ...

Known for Cab Treatment |  Prl Levels |  Tumor Shrinkage |  Magnetic Resonance |  Patients Macroprolactinoma
KOL Index score: 14884

OBJECTIVE: This prospective randomized study evaluated the efficacy and safety of octreotide LAR vs. surgery in newly diagnosed acromegalic patients.

METHODS: Totally 104 male and female patients were enrolled in a 50-week, exploratory, open-label and randomized study. Eligible patients were randomized to receive either octreotide LAR 20 mg every 28 days or to undergo surgery. Efficacy was assessed by changes in mean GH and IGF-I serum concentrations, at weeks 12, 24 and 48. Tumour ...

Known for Octreotide Lar |  Surgery Patients |  Acromegaly Efficacy |  Growth Hormone |  Tumour Volume
KOL Index score: 14714

PURPOSE: A large, randomized, double-blind, Phase III core study demonstrated that pasireotide LAR was significantly superior to octreotide LAR at providing GH <2.5 μg/L and normalized IGF-1 after 12 months' treatment in patients with acromegaly. We report the efficacy and safety of pasireotide LAR and octreotide LAR after up to 26 months' treatment.

METHODS: Patients with GH <2.5 μg/L and IGF-1 ≤1× ULN at month 12, or patients considered to be experiencing clinical benefit, were ...

Known for Pasireotide Lar |  Phase Iii |  Gh Igf1 |  Patients Acromegaly |  Core Study
KOL Index score: 14651

BACKGROUND: Many studies have evaluated the role of individual nutrients on the development of psoriasis. However, only few studies have investigated the effect of a healthy eating pattern, such as the Mediterranean diet. In this study, we aimed to investigate the relationship between adherence to the Mediterranean diet, the body composition and the severity of psoriasis in a group of naïve-treatment patients with psoriasis.

METHODS: This is a cross-sectional case-control observational ...

Known for Mediterranean Diet |  Severity Psoriasis |  Body Composition |  Predimed Score |  Psoriatic Patients


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prolactinoma nfa #1
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diabetic subjects hypovitaminosis #1
lar acromegaly #1
acromegaly colonic neoplasia #1
taurine levels patients #1
gestation pcos #1
tumour type size #1
shrinkage 12 #1
ssa treated #1
ghd children echocardiography #1
php octlar therapy #1
pituritary disease #1
123iibzm adenoma shrinkage #1
sld crp #1
irs prevalence patients #1
acromegaly somatostatin analogs #1
thyroid nodules tns #1
patients primary pancreatic #1
neurological diseases vitamin #1
hypertension ghd patients #1
g1−g2 #1
serum sirt4 gh #1
patients nontumoral hyperprolactinemia #1
acromegaly matsuda #1
primary treatment acromegaly #1
mtor cxcr4 #1
risedronate administration #1
women microprolactinoma #1
surgery somatostatin analogs #1
t12 homair #1
altered adipocyte function #1
controls aocd patients #1
04 pmol plasma #1
pcos mediterranean diet #1
hypogonadism somatostatin analogues #1
controls antipituitary #1
somatostatin analogs ssa #1
acromegaly somatostatin analogues #1
lower adherence md #1
pasireotide treatment atd #1
prrt therapeutic sequences #1
elderly ghd patients #1
turnover markers qol #1
men1 development #1
ideal setting health #1
acromegaly lvh #1
obese population pair #1

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growth hormone body composition gh replacement
David Robert Clemmons
growth factor binding protein smooth muscle

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Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Endocrinology Unit, University Federico II, Naples, Italy | UNESCO Chair on Health Education and Sustainable Development, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy | Cattedra Unesco “Educazione alla

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