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A receptor for prolactin and other lactogenic hormones (human growth hormone and placental lactogens) has been solubilized by 1% (v/v) Triton X-100 from a crude particulate membrane fraction isolated from pregnant rabbit mammary glands. The receptor remained in solution after centrifugation at 200,000 x g for 2 hours. Triton X-100 at concentrations higher than 0.01% (v/v) affected the physical properties of 125I-prolactin, whereas 125I-human growth hormone (hGH) was unaffected and, ...

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Extract: Serum prolactin (HPr) and serum growth hormone (HGH) were determined by double antibody radioimmunoassay methods. Markedly elevated levels of serum prolactin with considerable variation were observed in the neonatal period. No significant difference was observed in six matched arteriovenous cord blood samples. No sex difference was noted in the full term infants, whereas the mean value for 24 premature male infants in the 1st week of life (190 ± 17 ng/ml sem) was significantly ...

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Receptors for human, simian, ovine, bovine and murine prolactin, human growth hormone and human placental lactogen have been identified in plasma-membrane-containing subcellular particles isolated from rabbit mammary glands. The association and dissociation of (125)I-labelled prolactin are time- and temperature-dependent processes, both being maximal at 37 degrees C. (125)I-labelled prolactin prepared by the enzymic iodination procedure with lactoperoxidase binds better to receptors than ...

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Human pituitary prolactin (PRL) is released in a pattern that is different from growth hormone (HGH). Basal PRL concentrations remain unchanged throughout the menstrual cycle and bear no apparent relationship to the cyclic change in gonadotropins. Significant increases in PRL occur after intramuscular chlorpromazine (CPZ). The response is dose related. These results correlate with PRL values measured in patients ingesting large amounts of phenothiazines for psychiatric disease. ...

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A radioimmunoassay for primate prolactin has been developed, with [(131)I] monkey prolactin, and antibodies to monkey or human prolactin. The assay is specific for prolactin; human growth hormone, and human and monkey placental lactogen show no significant crossreaction. The assay is sensitive enough to measure prolactin concentrations in the sera of most humans studied. The concentration of prolactin in the serum of normal children and adults of either sex was usually below 30 ng/ml, ...

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Concept World rank
clonal im9p3 cell #1
rat radioreceptor #1
brain srif content #1
566 mm highk #1
hgh nb2 cells #1
cultured chromatography cgf #1
fgf1 human pituitaries #1
hypophysectomy major reduction #1
tpa nb2 #1
anestrus betaendorphin concentrations #1
nb2 rat lymphoma #1
normal abnormal gestation #1
gh squirrel #1
immunoreactive somatostatin amygdala #1
sb prl #1
frequent dissociation eeg #1
nb2 cells met14hgh #1
65 galactorrheic individuals #1
prolactin lactogenic #1
tissues456 #1
route comparable effects #1
awake habituated #1
pregnancy rat placenta #1
surface sheep #1
βendorphin highest concentrations #1
prolactin medicated schizophrenics #1
pituitary chlorpromazine #1
peptides rapid increase #1
untreated hypothalamic #1
human prolactin methods #1
teleocalcin monomer mw #1
menstrual gestational women #1
im9p3 prl #1
local growth response #1
antiserum salmon #1
cell surface radioreceptor #1
porcine galanin precursor #1
radioligand assay somatomedins #1
physical stimulation pregnancy #1
findings neuroleptic medications #1
βendorphin methodologies #1
inactive iodinated hormone #1
23 expression uterus #1
induced effects administration #1
radioreceptor assay data #1
bromocryptine symptoms #1
porcine neurophysin peptide #1
purification human prolactin #1
argonzdel castillo syndrome #1

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growth hormone gh secretion prolactin release
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growth hormone body composition gh replacement
David Robert Clemmons
growth factor binding protein smooth muscle

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Concepts for whichHenry G Friesenhas direct influence:Growth hormone,  Placental lactogen,  Prolactin secretion,  Human pituitary,  Immunoreactive somatostatin,  Squirrel monkey,  Pituitary gland,  Human prolactin.

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Henry G Friesen has influence:Growth hormone,  Prolactin receptors,  Placental lactogen,  Gene expression,  Mammary gland,  Maternal behavior,  Anterior pituitary.



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