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    KOL Index score: 13261

    Study design: Oral glucose tolerance testing was performed prospectively in 201 subjects with spinal cord injury (SCI). The dependent variables included the values from the oral glucose tolerance test (glucose and insulin) and diagnostic classification (i.e., diabetes mellitus, impaired glucose tolerance, normal glucose tolerance); the independent variables consisted of study group, gender, ethnic group, age, age at onset of SCI, duration of injury, and anthropometric measurements. ...

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    KOL Index score: 11337

    Although vehicular trauma traditionally has accounted for the majority of spinal cord injuries, gunshot wounds are the second most common cause. Furthermore, the proportion of spinal cord injuries caused by gunshot wounds are increasing although the proportion of injuries caused by high-speed vehicular trauma is decreasing. Gunshot wounds to the spine commonly are thought to be stable injuries. There is, however, a potential for instability if the bullet passes transversely through the ...

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    KOL Index score: 9756

    Subjects with spinal cord injury (SCI) have been shown to have an adverse lipid profile. Prior studies performed with smaller numbers of subjects have not been able to demonstrate any relationship between the level and degree of the neurological deficit and plasma lipid levels. Over a 2 year period we investigated the lipid profiles in 541 subjects from Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center, Downey, California. Subjects were grouped by tetraplegia (Tetra; n=247) or paraplegia (Para; n=294) ...

    Also Ranks for: Neurological Deficit |  hdl cholesterol |  spinal cord |  lipid levels |  tetra sci
    KOL Index score: 9550

    Prospective motor and sensory examinations were conducted on 135 patients with neurologic deficits caused by spinal cord injuries resulting from gunshot wounds. Annual follow-up motor and sensory examinations were conducted for 67 patients. The neurologic data (motor and sensory neurologic levels of injury, zone of injury, and completeness of lesion) were assessed in terms of the vertebral level of injury, region of injury, bullet caliber, direction of bullet entry, and whether the ...

    Also Ranks for: Gunshot Injury |  spinal cord |  bullet entry |  incomplete lesions |  follow studies
    KOL Index score: 9240

    OBJECTIVES: To evaluate risk factors for respiratory morbidity in chronic spinal cord injury (SCI).

    SETTING: Model SCI care system based at an urban public rehabilitation medical center.

    DESIGN: Case series with evaluation of pulmonary function by conventional spirometric testing.

    PARTICIPANTS: Two hundred twenty-two adults with SCI of more than 1-year duration who were not chronically dependent on mechanical ventilation, including 98 with tetraplegia (62 with complete and 26 with ...

    Also Ranks for: Pulmonary Function |  spinal cord |  fvc fev1 |  mechanical ventilation |  outcome measures
    KOL Index score: 8671

    To determine the body composition differences across age, 133 men with chronic spinal cord injury (SCI) (66 with tetraplegia, 67 with paraplegia) were compared with an age-, height-, and ethnicity-matched able-bodied male reference population (n = 100) using two different dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry densitometers. The effects of duration of injury, level, and completeness of lesion were analyzed in the SCI population. Independent of age, total body and regional lean mass were lower ...

    Also Ranks for: Body Composition |  persons sci |  spinal cord |  mass bone |  compared controls
    KOL Index score: 8247

    OBJECTIVE: The potential effect of ethnicity on the serum lipid profile and lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] was studied in a population with chronic spinal cord injury (SCI).

    STUDY DESIGN: The distribution and correlates of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and Lp(a) were studied in a population of 600 subjects with chronic SCI.

    RESULTS: Mean +/- SEM serum HDL cholesterol was significantly higher in the African American group than in the white and Latino groups (47 +/- 1 vs 40 +/- 1 and ...

    Also Ranks for: Spinal Cord |  chronic sci |  serum lipid profile |  hdl cholesterol |  density lipoprotein
    KOL Index score: 8237

    OBJECTIVE: To determine whether type of fracture or gunshot injury correlated with extent of motor impairment at 1 month and/or with the amount of motor recovery between 1 month and 1 year.

    DESIGN: Prospective neurological examinations were performed longitudinally after the recommendations of the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA). Fractures were classified by the Allen system (cervical spine) or the Denis system (thoracic and lumbar spine). Gunshot injuries were classified based ...

    Also Ranks for: Motor Recovery |  spinal cord |  gunshot wounds |  1 month |  injury pattern
    KOL Index score: 8129

    Objective: To determine the expected vital capacity in persons with chronic spinal cord injury (SCI) in relation to injury level, completeness of injury, smoking and duration of injury, as an aid to diagnosis and management of respiratory complications.Setting: A New York City veterans' hospital and a Los Angeles public rehabilitation hospital.Methods: Case series from the two hospitals were pooled. Participants (adult outpatients with SCI of duration >1 year, not ventilator-dependent) ...

    Also Ranks for: Vital Capacity |  cord injury |  chronic spinal |  persons sci |  respiratory complications
    KOL Index score: 7502

    OBJECTIVES: To determine the differential effects of impairment, disability, etiology, and selected preinjury and social factors on medical complications, medical resources use, and handicap after rehabilitation for spinal cord injury (SCI).

    DESIGN: Survey including interview and medical record review.

    SETTING: Model SCI Care System centered at an urban, public medical center.

    PARTICIPANTS: A volunteer convenience sample of 164 men, ages 18 to 35yrs at injury, with SCI caused by firearms ...

    Also Ranks for: Spinal Cord Injury |  medical complications |  pressure ulcer |  cord injuries |  wounds gunshot
    KOL Index score: 7289

    Prospective serial neurological examinations were performed on 445 consecutive traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) patients admitted for rehabilitation on an average of 22.8±15.6 days after injury. Patients were categorized by both the ASIA and Sacral Sparing (SS) definitions of complete SCI, in order to compare the definitions in terms of consistency and prognostic ability. Recovery during follow-up was determined by sensory scores for light touch, sharp/dull discrimination, ...

    Also Ranks for: Complete Spinal |  cord injury |  followup patients |  status asia |  initial examination


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    Concept World rank
    postrehabilitation outcomes #1
    spastic joint contractures #1
    excessive bowstringing #1
    amigos medical #1
    sci consisted #1
    complete tetra 60 #1
    001 preinjury #1
    extremities effects #1
    deficit oral #1
    ambulation motion #1
    tetraplegia functional level #1
    preinjury factors ethnicity #1
    stab injury spine #1
    rehabilitation rehabilitation center #1
    failure extensor tenodesis #1
    paralytic supination #1
    wrist extensors grade #1
    304 pounds #1
    rsdinvolved extremity #1
    blocks months #1
    completeness 001 #1
    spastic clenched #1
    t12 motor #1
    ability motor recovery #1
    projectile spinal canal #1
    lpa population #1
    74 years surgery #1
    patient active extension #1
    gunshot cost #1
    discharge primary factors #1
    months nerve blocks #1
    fracture gunshot injury #1
    cpk sci #1
    motor incomplete injuries #1
    subgroups neurological #1
    quadriplegia transfer #1
    average pinch #1
    posttraumatic tetraplegia #1
    humans gunshot cost #1
    injuries retained bullets #1
    spine fusion instrumentation #1
    asia complete #1
    months thirteen patients #1

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