• Heat Strokes
  • Heat Strokes

    Heat Strokes: Top KOLs in the world

    Yoram Epstein #1
    Yoram Epstein
    Heller Institute of Medical Research, Sheba Medical Center,
    Known for Heart Rate | Physical Fitness | Physiological Strain | Load Carriage | Heat Stroke
    Abderrezak MD Bouchama #2
    Abderrezak MD Bouchama
    King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Experim
    Known for Brain Biopsy | Saudi Arabia | Middle East | Heat Stroke | Animal Models

    Douglas James Casa #3
    Douglas James Casa
    1University of Connecticut | Korey Stringer Institute, Unive
    Known for Hydration Status | Sudden Death | Body Temperature | Athletic Trainers | Exertional Heat Stroke
    Susan Walker Yeargin #4
    Susan Walker Yeargin
    5University of South Carolina | University of South Carolina
    Known for Hydration Status | Youth Football | Exertional Heat | Injury Rates | Athletic Trainers
    CARL ML Maresh #5
    CARL ML Maresh
    Department of Human Sciences, The Ohio State University, Col
    Known for Muscle Damage | Body Composition | Creatine Kinase | Heat Acclimation | Resistance Exercise
    Lawrence E Armstrong #6
    Lawrence E Armstrong
    University of Connecticut. | Korey Stringer Institute, Unive
    Known for Hydration Status | Heat Acclimation | Urine Color | Resistance Exercise | Hot Environment
    Yasushi Honda #7
    Yasushi Honda
    School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nagasaki Univ
    Known for Northeast Asia | Ambient Temperature | Air Pollution | Papua New Guinea | Cold Spells
    Daniel Sender Moran #8
    Daniel Sender Moran
    The Faculty of Health Sciences, Ariel University, Ariel, Isr
    Known for Iron Deficiency | Heat Acclimation | Social Capital | Stress Fractures | Physiological Strain
    Qi Yong Liu #9
    Qi Yong Liu
    State Key Laboratory of Infectious Disease Prevention and Co
    Known for Dengue Fever | Mainland China | Meteorological Factors | Bacillary Dysentery | Essential Oil
    Jun Yang #10
    Jun Yang
    School of Public Health, Guangzhou Medical University, 51143
    Known for Ambient Temperature | Zhejiang Province | Cold Spells | Heat Waves | Air Pollution

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