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Hemorroides: Top KOLs in the world

Donato Francesco Altomare #1
Donato Francesco Altomare
IRCCS Istituto Tumori Giovanni Paolo II, Bari, Italy | Surgi
Known for Procoagulant Activity |  Sacral Nerve Stimulation |  Obstructed Defecation |  Colorectal Cancer |  Fecal Incontinence
Joe J Tjandra† #2
Joe J Tjandra†
Authors' Affiliations: Divisions of 1Cancer Research and 2Ca
Known for Sacral Nerve Stimulation |  Practice Parameters |  Local Excision |  Breast Cancer |  Fecal Incontinence

Robin Susan McLeod #3
Robin Susan McLeod
From the Department of Surgery, Temerty Faculty of Medicine,
Known for Enhanced Recovery |  Inflammatory Bowel Disease |  Ileal Pouch |  Ulcerative Colitis |  Rectal Cancer
Helen M MacRae #4
Helen M MacRae
Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Surgery, University of T
Known for Ulcerative Colitis |  Sexual Function |  Ileorectal Anastomosis |  Operating Room |  Technical Skill
Giovanni Milito #5
Giovanni Milito
Tor Vergata University of Rome, Rome, Italy | Department of
Known for Glyceryl Trinitrate |  Anal Fissure |  Limberg Flap |  Primary Closure |  Obstructed Defecation
Yik‐Hong Ho #6
Yik‐Hong Ho
Townsville Clinical School, The Townsville Hospital, 100 Ang
Known for Rubber Band Ligation |  Anterior Resection |  Colorectal Cancer |  Faecal Incontinence |  Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy
Robin K S Phillips #7
Robin K S Phillips
Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London. |
Known for Anal Fistula |  Capsule Endoscopy |  Patients Fap |  Ulcerative Colitis |  Familial Adenomatous Polyposis
Francis SeowChoen #8
Francis SeowChoen
Department of Colorectal Surgery, Singapore General Hospital
Known for Abdominoperineal Resections |  Perianal Abscesses |  Ileorectal Anastomosis |  Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy |  Colorectal Cancer
John R T Monson #9
John R T Monson
AdventHealth Medical Group, Orlando, FL, USA | Colon and Rec
Known for Adjuvant Chemotherapy |  Brush Cytology |  Rectal Neoplasms |  Local Excision
John Edward Hartley #10
John Edward Hartley
Department of Colorectal Surgery, Castle Hill Hospital, Cott
Known for Gastrograffin Enema |  Laparoscopic Surgery |  Brush Cytology |  Colorectal Cancer |  Local Excision


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