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    INTRODUCTION: Scaphoid fractures with displacement have a higher incidence of nonunion that can cause pain and reduced movement, strength and function. The aim of this study was to review the evidence available and establish the risk of nonunion associated with management of displaced fractures of the waist of the scaphoid.

    METHODS: Electronic databases were searched using the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) controlled vocabulary (scaphoid fractures, AND'd with displaced, or nonunion, or ...

    Also Ranks for: Displaced Fractures |  plaster cast |  articular recovery |  scaphoid bone |  risk nonunion
    KOL Index score: 10453

    The Patient Evaluation Measure (PEM), The Michigan Hand Outcome Questionnaire (MHQ) and the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) score were assessed independent of their originators for reliability, construct and criterion validity and acceptability, using an ease of use questionnaire. These were administered in random order to 100 patients with different hand and wrist disorders and with different impairments of movement, pain, sensation and strength. The internal ...

    Also Ranks for: Patient Evaluation Measure |  hand outcome |  arm shoulder |  reliability validity |  surveys questionnaires
    KOL Index score: 9134

    Volar locking plates are an increasingly popular treatment for distal radius fractures. We reviewed complications observed after volar locking plate fixation in a busy teaching hospital. The purpose of the study was to assess whether complication rates after volar locking plate use in general, routine trauma practice were higher than published literature from expert users. A retrospective review was carried out of patients treated with a volar locking plate between January 2009 and ...

    Also Ranks for: Distal Radius Fractures |  volar locking plate |  complication rate |  fracture fixation |  retrospective review
    KOL Index score: 9015

    Symptomatic clavicular fracture non-union is rare. When it does occur, however, it may pose a difficult problem causing pain and functional impairment. The emphasis of this paper is on preopertive disabilities and the postoperative outcome and complications. Twenty patients with clavicular non-union treated operatively from 1989 to 1997 were reviewed, the average follow up was thirty-four months. Eleven fractures were midshaft, eight were lateral third and one medial third. A detailed ...

    Also Ranks for: Clavicular Fracture |  complications patients |  implant failures |  difficult problem |  19 cases
    KOL Index score: 7854

    AIMS: This study explores the epidemiology of patients with a fracture of the scaphoid presenting to a regional teaching hospital.

    PATIENTS AND METHODS: All patients with a confirmed fracture of the scaphoid over a retrospective period between January 2010 and May 2013 were included. Their demographics, deprivation status and when the fracture occurred was noted and assessed. There were 415 fractures in 365 males and 50 females.

    RESULTS: The incidence of fracture of the scaphoid was 12.4 ...

    Also Ranks for: Fractures Scaphoid |  united kingdom |  patients incidence |  bone humans |  child female
    KOL Index score: 6811

    AIMS: This purpose of this meta analysis was to investigate and quantify the relative risk of hip fracture in patients who have sustained a wrist fracture.

    METHOD: Studies were identified by searching Medline, Embase, Cochrane CENTRAL database and CINAHL from their inception to August 2015. Studies reporting confirmed hip fracture following wrist fracture were included. Data extraction was carried out using a modified Cochrane data collection form by two reviewers independently. Quality ...

    Also Ranks for: Hip Fracture |  data extraction |  bone density |  united kingdom |  osteoporosis osteoporotic
    KOL Index score: 5819

    AIMS: The degree of displacement of a fracture of the distal radius is an important factor which can be assessed using simple radiographic measurements. Our aim was to investigate the reliability and reproducibility of these measurements and to determine if they should be used clinically.

    PATIENTS AND METHODS: A 10% sample was randomly generated from 3670 consecutive adult patients who had presented to University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust between 2007 and 2010 with a fracture of ...

    Also Ranks for: Radiographic Measurements |  radial fracture |  distal radius |  intra articular |  aged observer
    KOL Index score: 5257

    This prospective randomized double-blind control trial compared lengthening and simple division of the flexor retinaculum in carpal tunnel decompression. Twenty-six patients with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome were randomly allocated to have the flexor retinaculum divided on one side and lengthened on the other. All 52 hands were reviewed at regular intervals up to 25 weeks. The patients, therapists and the final reviewer were unaware of treatment allocation. The Levine symptom and ...

    Also Ranks for: Flexor Retinaculum |  carpal tunnel |  decompression surgical |  simple division |  syndrome cicatrix
    KOL Index score: 4805

    This study investigated the accuracy and maintenance of reduction of intra-articular steps achieved with closed reduction and percutaneous K wires and open reduction and a volar locking plate for the treatment of intra-articular distal radius fractures. We performed a retrospective review of 359 patients with an intra-articular fracture of their distal radius. Multivariate linear regression was undertaken to investigate the influence of multiple variables such as age, gender, initial ...

    Also Ranks for: Distal Radius |  fracture reduction |  volar locking plate |  intra articular |  internal humans
    KOL Index score: 4604

    The different attributes of the Patient Evaluation Measure (PEM) questionnaire were investigated in 80 patients with a fracture of the scaphoid. Assessments were made at 2, 8, 12, 26 and 52 weeks. Reliability was assessed by measurement of the internal consistency of the different questions in 275 completed PEM forms. Cronbach's alpha, which needs to lie between 0.7 and 0.9, was 0.9 for the PEM. Pain, tenderness, swelling, wrist movement and grip strength correlated with the PEM score ...

    Also Ranks for: Grip Strength |  pem score |  scaphoid bone surveys |  internal consistency |  female fractures
    KOL Index score: 4307

    We describe a new method of stabilising a painful unstable sternoclavicular joint using the sternocleidomastoid tendon and passing it through the medial clavicle and onto the manubrium sternum. This method is simple, reproducible and avoids the potential risks of reefing the joint to the first rib. The technique was used in seven cases of sternoclavicular joint instability in six patients who were reviewed at a mean of 39.7 months (15 to 63). Instability was markedly reduced or ...

    Also Ranks for: Sternoclavicular Joint |  sternocleidomastoid tendon |  medial clavicle |  reconstruction instability |  procedures patient
    KOL Index score: 3342

    The use of ultrasound scanning to establish tendon pathologies was assessed retrospectively in 17 patients in 18 digits. The ultrasound scan demonstrated four patterns: (1) normal intact tendons in four, (2) ruptured tendons in three, (3) tendons in continuity but attenuated in five and (4) tendons in continuity but thickened with fibrosis and decreased movement representing adhesions in five patients. Surgery was undertaken in only three cases, confirming the ultrasound diagnosis in ...

    Also Ranks for: Flexor Tendon |  recovery function |  finger injuries |  role ultrasound
    KOL Index score: 3287

    Our aim was to assess the outcome in patients with total wrist arthroplasty performed for end stage wrist osteoarthritis. We analysed the ranges of motion of operated and un-operated wrists using a flexible electrogoniometer during the Sollerman hand function test. We assessed grip strength with a digital dynamometer and completed patient reported outcome scores more than one year post-operatively. We reviewed 12 patients with a mean age of 64 (range 48-82) years. The flexion-extension ...

    Also Ranks for: Total Wrist |  grip strength |  range motion |  outcome scores |  arthroplasty replacement


    J J Dias: Influence Statistics

    Sample of concepts for which J J Dias is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    running suture conclusion #1
    silfverskiold flexor tendon #1
    thirty flexor tendons #1
    techniques partial flexor #1
    turkey toes #1
    pulleys turkey toes #1
    surgical repair 100 #1
    suture silfverskiold #1
    halsted repair #1
    surgical repair 70 #1
    intact tendons tendons #1
    100 halsted repair #1
    peripheral suturing techniques #1
    silfverskiold repair #1
    silfverskiold halsted #1
    peripheral suturing #1
    pem disability evaluation #2
    finger wrist disorders #2
    pem validity #2
    michigan hand outcome #2
    unoperated total range #2
    easiest validity #2
    20 circumduction #2
    circumduction age #2
    validity nerve disorders #2
    pem michigan #2
    questionnaires reproducible #2
    operated unoperated wrists #2
    activities sollerman #2
    pem easiest #2
    scaphoid higher #3
    pem questionnaire #3
    radioulnar deviation arc #3
    suture gliding #3
    waist adults #4
    68 operated #4
    joint sternocleidomastoid #4
    gliding compared #4
    injuries turkeys #4
    cast operative #4
    scaphoid waist adults #4
    adults scaphoid #5
    broken scaphoid #6
    collagenase injection manipulation #6
    suggesting redundancy #6
    compared gliding #6
    scaphoid bone surveys #7
    symptomatic clavicular #7
    questionnaires pem #7
    techniques lacerations #9

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    Bhaskar Bhowal
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    J J Dias
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    M Rowsell
    stapled haemorrhoidectomy buckle fractures distal radius
    S Symons
    buckle fractures distal radius initial injury
    Amy C Plint
    emergency department discharge communication radial head subluxation
    Isabelle Gaboury
    interprofessional collaboration hearing loss advanced access

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    Concepts for whichJ J Diashas direct influence:Buckle fractures,  Hip fracture,  Flexor tendon,  Scaphoid waist,  Distal radius,  Surgical fixation,  Displaced fractures,  Flexor retinaculum.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which J J Dias has influence:Distal radius,  Sternoclavicular joint,  Outcome measures,  Scaphoid fractures,  Carpal tunnel syndrome,  Internal fixation,  Grip strength.



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