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hot flashes
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phase iii
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breast cancer
stellate ganglion
peripheral neuropathy

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hydrazine sulfate
weight loss
blast crisis
chronic myeloid leukemia
increased caloric
toxic effects
future trials

Prominent publications by Charles L. Loprinzi

KOL-Index: 19 This chapter will address a number of issues regarding cancer anorexia/ cachexia. These include (1) the significance of this clinical problem; (2) potential mechanisms that cause cancer anorexia/cachexia; (3) mechanisms for studying antidotes for cancer anorexia/cachexia; (4) clinical trials of potential drugs; and (5) current recommendations for the therapy of cancer anorexia/cachexia.
KOL-Index: 9 BASOPHILIA and eosinophilia are common findings during an "accelerated phase" of chronic myeloproliferative disorders, particularly chronic myelogenous leukemia.1,2 When these diseases involve the meninges, it is invariably as "leukemic meningitis," usually during the blastic transformation to acute leukemia, and blasts are the primary cell found in the CSF.3 A case of an undifferentiated ...
Known for
2 Myelocytes | Normal Bone Marrow Karyotype | 40-Year-Old Woman | 1 Blast Forms
KOL-Index: 6 The article by Virgo et al1 in this issue of JAMA examines the question, "What is appropriate follow-up for colorectal cancer patients treated with an intent to cure?" The authors approach this topic by summarizing 11 different strategies and then dealing with financial aspects of proposed follow-up testing recommendations. While such financial considerations are important, there are other ...
Known for
Virgo | Follow-Up Strategies
KOL-Index: 4 We have described a case in which a potent epinephrine drip was useful in the management of a patient who needed antivenin and was allergic to horse serum. With 50 ml of 1:10,000 epinephrine in 500 ml of 5% dextrose in water, repeated anaphylactoid reactions were controlled. We believe that such a solution would be helpful in other patients having severe anaphylactic reactions to antivenin.
Known for
Serum Epinephrine | Reactions Antivenin | Allergic Horse
KOL-Index: 4 BACKGROUND: Mucositis is a significant toxicity of cancer therapy with numerous systemic sequelae. The goal of this systematic review was to update the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer and International Society of Oral Oncology (MASCC/ISOO) Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of mucositis. METHODS: The literature was reviewed systematically to identify ...
Known for
Settings | Supportive | Interventions Mucositis | Numerous Systemic Sequelae
KOL-Index: 2 RATIONALE: Medroxyprogesterone and venlafaxine may be effective in relieving hot flashes. It is not yet known whether venlafaxine is more effective than medroxyprogesterone in relieving hot flashes.PURPOSE: Randomized phase III trial to compare the effectiveness of medroxyprogesterone with that of venlafaxine in treating women who are experiencing hot flashes. Detailed Description ...
Known for
Current Raloxifene | Cross Resistance
KOL-Index: 2 RATIONALE: Darbepoetin alfa may cause the body to make more red blood cells. Red blood cells contain iron that is needed to carry oxygen to the tissues. It is not yet known whether giving darbepoetin alfa (DA) together with intravenous iron or oral iron is more effective than giving darbepoetin alfa together with a placebo in treating anemia caused by chemotherapy.PURPOSE: This randomized ...
Known for
Blood Cells | Rbc Transfusions | Treating Anemia | Absence Red
KOL-Index: 2 RATIONALE: Pilocarpine may decrease vaginal dryness and improve quality of life in patients with breast cancer It is not yet known whether pilocarpine is more effective than a placebo in treating vaginal dryness in patients with breast cancer.PURPOSE: This randomized phase III trial is studying pilocarpine to see how well it works compared to a placebo in treating vaginal dryness in patients ...
Known for
Detailed Outline | Vaginal Symptoms

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