James Rubenstein

James Rubenstein

Department Of Neurology And Developmental Medicine, Division Of Neurogenetics, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Md, Usa Departments Of Neurology And Pediatrics, Johns ...

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hyperpolarized imaging
cns lymphoma
lenalidomide rituximab
central nervous
intraventricular intravenous

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industrial policy
modern america
decentralized technology
“little plants
village industries
highly technological societies
regular physical proximity

Prominent publications by James Rubenstein

KOL-Index: 75 Genetic generalized epilepsy (GGE), formerly known as idiopathic generalized epilepsy, is the most common form of epilepsy and is thought to have predominant genetic etiology. GGE are clinically characterized by absence, myoclonic, or generalized tonic-clonic seizures with electroencephalographic pattern of bilateral, synchronous, and symmetrical spike-and-wave discharges. Despite their ...
Known for
Genetic Generalized Epilepsy | Electroencephalographic Pattern | Trio-Based Exome | 52-Kb Microdeletion
KOL-Index: 8 First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
KOL-Index: 2 This phase I trial evaluates the feasibility of using hyperpolarized carbon C 13 pyruvate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in diagnosing patients with primary central nervous system lymphoma. This trial aims to see whether MRI using hyperpolarized carbon-13 pyruvate is safe and useful for detecting central nervous system lymphoma and evaluating response to treatment. Detailed Description ...
Known for
Unique Tool | Imaging Parameters | Repeat Csf | Temozolomide Rituximab
KOL-Index: 2 This is a Phase I study, which means that the goal is to see if the study treatment is safe. The purpose of this study is to test the safety of Lenalidomide at different dose levels, and to test the safety of Lenalidomide alone or in combination with Rituximab (also known as Rituxan®). Detailed Description Rationale for the Proposed StudyThere is evidence that immunomodulatory drugs such as ...
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Intraventricular Route | Immunomodulatory Drugs

Department of Neurology and Developmental Medicine, Division of Neurogenetics, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD, USA Departments of Neurology and Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA

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