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Hypohidrosis: Top KOLs in the world

Kenzo Sato #1
Kenzo Sato
Marshall Dermatology Research Laboratories, Department of De
Known for Core Temperature |  Basal Membrane |  Pharmacological Responsiveness |  Human Eccrine |  Sweat Glands
Yoshihiko Nakazato #2
Yoshihiko Nakazato
Department of Neurology, Saitama Medical University, Moroyam
Known for Myotonic Dystrophy |  Blood Pressure Variability |  Action Myoclonus |  Ischemic Stroke |  Steroid Pulse Therapy

Angus John Clarke #3
Angus John Clarke
Division of Cancer & Genetics, School of Medicine, Cardiff U
Known for United Kingdom |  Newborn Screening |  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy |  Rett Syndrome |  Genetic Testing
Kenzo Sato #4
Kenzo Sato
Human Gene Therapy Research Institute, Iowa Health System, D
Known for Cystic Fibrosis |  Cell Volume |  Core Temperature |  Channel Activity |  Sweat Gland
Robert J Desnick #5
Robert J Desnick
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York, United S
Known for Acute Intermittent Porphyria |  Prenatal Diagnosis |  Enzyme Replacement Therapy |  Ashkenazi Jewish |  Fabry Disease
Satoshi Iwase #6
Satoshi Iwase
Department of Physiology, School of Medicine Aichi Medical U
Known for Heart Rate |  Parabolic Flight |  Bed Rest |  Sympathetic Nerve |  Blood Pressure
Antonio Martínez Bermejo #7
Antonio Martínez Bermejo
Servicio de Neurología, Hospital Infantil, Hospital Universi
Known for Alpha Coma |  Buccal Midazolam |  Subdural Effusion |  Coeliac Disease |  Rolandic Epilepsy
JOAQUÍN M Arcas #8
Pediatric Neurology Department, La Paz University Hospital,
Known for Subtelomeric Rearrangements |  Facial Angioma |  Posterior Fossa |  Alpha Coma |  Rolandic Epilepsy
Teresa Ferrer #9
Teresa Ferrer
Neurophysiology, “La Paz” University Hospital, Madrid, Spain
Known for Topiramate Tpm |  Crps Patients |  Postganglionic Wounds |  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
María C Roche #10
María C Roche
Pediatric Neurology and | Service of Pediatric Neurology, Ho
Known for Basal Ganglia |  Fourth Ventricle |  Incontinentia Pigmenti |  Vertebral Arteries |  3 Cases


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