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    KOL Index score: 7886

    We reviewed our 15-year experience with pyeloureterostomy and ureteroureterostomy in 25 children with ureteral duplication. Pyeloureterostomy was performed in 5 patients, including 4 with reflux and 1 with upper pole obstruction. The results were good in 4 and in 1 patient postoperative anastomotic obstruction developed. Ipsilateral ureteroureterostomy was performed in 20 patients, including 8 with reflux into 1 or both ipsilateral ureters, 7 with obstructed ectopic upper pole ureters ...

    Also Ranks for: Ipsilateral Ureteroureterostomy |  ureteral reflux |  6 patients |  ectopic ureteroceles |  25 children
    KOL Index score: 6920

    To understand better the relationship among radionuclide renal scan differential function, renal histology and the outcome of pyeloplasty we performed ipsilateral renal biopsies in a series of patients undergoing primary pyeloplasty. A total of 17 consecutive patients with unilateral ureteropelvic junction obstruction underwent renal biopsy at the time of pyeloplasty. Biopsies were examined systematically after sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, periodic acid, Schiff, ...

    Also Ranks for: Renal Biopsy |  ureteropelvic junction |  patient age |  preoperative differential |  ureteral obstruction
    KOL Index score: 6684

    We report on 226 male patients with cryptorchidism 6 months to 16 years old who underwent open testis biopsy at orchiopexy or orchiectomy at Children's Hospital and Health Center from 1986 to 1990. A total of 355 specimens was obtained. Tissues were preserved in Bouin's solution and examined on light microscopy for fertility index measurements. Several biopsies prepared using Bouin's preserved paraffinized tissue and glutaraldehyde preserved semi-thin cut tissue were found to have ...

    Also Ranks for: Undescended Testis |  cryptorchidism fertility |  testes age |  patients unilateral |  child preschool
    KOL Index score: 6397

    During a 16-year period we treated 30 patients with urethral stricture after hypospadias repair. Of the patients 16 were treated successfully with 1 procedure, while 13 required 2 or more procedures and 1 was lost to followup. A good result was achieved in 83 per cent of the patients. Fourteen patients who presented with symptoms attributable to the stricture within 3 months of the original operation for hypospadias were designated as having early strictures. Those with strictures ...

    Also Ranks for: Hypospadias Repair |  urethral strictures |  3 months |  direct vision |  internal urethrotomy
    KOL Index score: 6310

    Trauma is the major source of mortality in the pediatric population. A retrospective review was performed on patients admitted to the Children's Hospital and Health Center Trauma Program, San Diego, California, from August 1984 to May 1990. The purpose of this review was to evaluate pediatric trauma and to determine the best treatment and evaluation for genitourinary injuries. Blunt trauma was responsible for 98 percent of the injuries, with renal injuries being the most common. Bladder ...

    Also Ranks for: Genitourinary Trauma |  pediatric patient |  bladder injuries |  retrospective review |  radiographic imaging
    KOL Index score: 6274

    We have adopted an approach to the management of myelodysplasia patients which is contrary to that most commonly supported by the existing literature. We screen patients shortly after birth with ultrasound, urine culture and serum creatinine, and then follow patients at 3 to 6-month intervals with similar studies. Cystography and urodynamics are done only as required clinically or by a change in the sonogram. Clean intermittent catheterization is indicated for continence or medical ...

    Also Ranks for: Renal Deterioration |  prompt intervention |  myelodysplasia patients |  urinary catheterization |  urine culture
    KOL Index score: 6168

    The detection and management of occult contralateral hernia in children who present with a clinically evident unilateral hernia have evoked controversy. Routine use of herniography, intraoperative probing of the contralateral inguinal area and routine or selective exploration of the contralateral groin all have their advocates and detractors. During the last 5 years we have used intraoperative pneumoperitoneum and we report our experience in 64 patients 3 months to 9 years old. A ...

    Also Ranks for: Contralateral Hernia |  diagnostic pneumoperitoneum |  publication child child |  patients negative |  inguinal humans
    KOL Index score: 5317

    During the last 19 years we treated 60 children with ectopic ureteroceles. There was a 4 to 1 female-to-male predominance. Of the patients 47 per cent presented before age 6 months, 66 per cent were diagnosed after a urinary tract infection and 6 were identified antenatally. Based upon a review of the literature and our data, we believe that "total correction" (a single operation designed to correct abnormalities of the upper and lower urinary tract) is superior in most instances to an ...

    Also Ranks for: Ectopic Ureteroceles |  surgical management |  urinary tract |  persistent reflux |  28 patients
    KOL Index score: 4283

    OBJECTIVES: Fibrous hamartoma of infancy (FHI) is an uncommon subcutaneous proliferative lesion usually found in the upper portions of the body, particularly in males during the first 2 years of life. We report 2 cases of FHI in the genital region.

    METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the charts of children treated at Children's Hospital and Health Center, with FHI located in the genital region.

    RESULTS: We report 2 cases of FHI in the genital region, 1 involving the scrotum and 1 the ...

    Also Ranks for: Fibrous Hamartoma |  infancy fhi |  differential diagnosis |  2 years |  local excision
    KOL Index score: 4086

    Patients with cerebral palsy are prompted to seek urological evaluation when urinary tract infection, socially unacceptable incontinence or hematuria occurs. We attempted to determine the prevalence of urinary tract structural changes by prospectively screening on sonography the kidneys and bladder of 90 patients 1 to 25 years old (mean age 8 years) who had cerebral palsy with or without urological symptoms. Uncooperative patients or those who would require sedation were excluded. Of the ...

    Also Ranks for: Urinary Tract |  cerebral palsy |  preschool female humans |  nocturnal enuresis |  neurogenic bladder
    KOL Index score: 4072

    Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is an effective treatment modality for the newborn with refractory hypoxemia. Oligohydramnios can be associated with congenital renal disease (CRD) and can result in respiratory insufficiency from pulmonary hypoplasia, delayed lung maturation, and persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. In this retrospective study, the authors reviewed the outcome of four children with CRD who required ECMO in the neonatal period. Between October 1987 ...

    Also Ranks for: Pulmonary Hypoplasia |  membrane oxygenation |  congenital renal |  ecmo neonatal period |  kidney diseases
    KOL Index score: 3977

    We studied 69 infants who had urinary tract abnormalities detected by antenatal ultrasound examination. There were 21 intrauterine or immediate neonatal deaths; in all 21 infants, severe bilateral renal disease incompatible with life was found at autopsy. Six of the live-born infants with abnormal results of antenatal ultrasound examinations had a normal urinary tract after birth. Of the remaining 42 infants, the prenatal diagnosis was confirmed with renal ultrasound and other studies ...

    Also Ranks for: Renal Disease |  urinary tract |  prenatal detection |  gestational age humans |  follow studies
    KOL Index score: 3678

    The operative management of intra-abdominal testes is controversial, largely because there is no method of orchiopexy that can reliably produce good results. We report our results on the use of microvascular autotransplantation of intra-abdominal testes. We performed 12 autotransplants in 10 boys ranging in age from 10 months to 14 years (median age 30 months). In each instance the testis had been localized previously by laparoscopy or it was known to be intra-abdominal and was believed ...

    Also Ranks for: Abdominal Testis |  spermatic vessels |  10 months |  vascular anastomoses |  scrotal position
    KOL Index score: 3505

    Abstract To understand better the relationship among radionuclide renal scan differential function, renal histology and the outcome of pyeloplasty we performed ipsilateral renal biopsies in a series of patients undergoing primary pyeloplasty.A total of 17 consecutive patients with unilateral ureteropelvic junction obstruction underwent renal biopsy at the time of pyeloplasty. Biopsies were examined systematically after sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, periodic acid, ...

    Also Ranks for: Renal Biopsy |  ureteropelvic junction |  patients unilateral |  preoperative postoperative |  outcome pyeloplasty
    KOL Index score: 3230

    Testicular torsion is one of the most common pediatric urological emergencies. Incorrect or delayed diagnosis contributes significantly to morbidity. We previously have shown that magnetic resonance displays scrotal contents with great detail using hydrogen concentration weighted and T2 weighted images. Sprague-Dawley rats underwent either unilateral 720-degree testicular torsion or a sham procedure. Magnetic resonance images were obtained at intervals with a 3 or 5-inch surface coil. ...

    Also Ranks for: Testicular Torsion |  magnetic resonance |  spermatic cord |  imaging male


    Michael G Packer: Influence Statistics

    Sample of concepts for which Michael G Packer is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    single operation abnormalities #3
    enucleation ectopic ureterocele #3
    ectopic ureteroceles male #3
    ureteroceles 4 #3
    residual abnormality surgery #3
    operative intervention laparoscopy #5
    injuries renal injuries #5
    gonad 953 #5
    paraphimosis humans #5
    10year experience laparoscopy #5
    conjunction operative intervention #5
    laparoscopy vasa deferentia #5
    119 nonpalpable testes #5
    vasa deferentia patency #5
    laparoscopy 107 patients #5
    boys nonpalpable gonad #5
    fhi differential diagnosis #5
    paraphimosis hyaluronidase #5
    scans surgical torsion #6
    prolonged torsion rats #6
    images spraguedawley rats #6
    magnetic resonance displays #6
    spraguedawley scans #6
    great hydrogen concentration #6
    scrotal contents great #6
    pole obstruction #7
    surgical torsion #8
    ureterocele 4 #8
    hydrogen concentration images #8
    fibrous hamartoma fhi #8
    pyeloureterostomy performed #8
    preoperative testis #8
    location gonad #8
    nonpalpable gonad #8
    testicular salvageability #9
    ureterocele ureterostomy #9
    definitive therapy surgery #10
    blindending spermatic vessels #10
    upper pole obstruction #10
    duplication obstruction #10
    reduction paraphimosis #11
    ecmo neonatal period #11
    pulmonary hypoplasia ecmo #12
    strictures hypospadias #12
    diagnostic pneumoperitoneum #13
    mild moderate hydronephrosis #14
    injuries genitourinary #15
    post hypospadias #16
    185 years age #17
    laparoscopy boys #18

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    chronic kidney disease united states serum creatinine
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    serum creatinine glomerular filtration rate chronic pancreatitis

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    Concepts for whichMichael G Packerhas direct influence:Renal function,  Renal biopsy,  Hypospadias repair,  Urethral strictures,  Pulmonary hypoplasia,  Obstructive uropathy,  Fibrous hamartoma,  Urethral stricture.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Michael G Packer has influence:Nonpalpable testis,  Cerebral palsy,  Spina bifida,  Renal function,  Neurogenic bladder,  Urinary tract,  Inguinal hernia.



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