Feza Mirac Akgür

Feza Mirac Akgür

Departments Of Pediatric Surgery And Pathology, Dokuz Eylül University Medical School, İzmir, Turkey. Izmir, Turkey

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Concepts for which Feza Mirac Akgür has direct influence:

intestinal damage
hemorrhagic shock
amniotic fluid
vascular compromise
testicular torsion
p-selectin expression
fetal diuresis

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which Feza Mirac Akgür has influence:

intestinal damage
lag time
urinary trypsin inhibitor
complicated appendicitis
hemorrhagic shock
chick embryos
lipid soluble meconium subfraction

Prominent publications by Feza Mirac Akgür

KOL-Index: 33 BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Contact with amniotic fluid (AF) causes intestinal damage in gastroschisis, which has been shown to be caused by intraamniotic meconium. However, whether this intraamniotic meconium-induced intestinal damage is concentration dependent has not been investigated previously. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of intraamniotic human meconium at various ...
Known for
Cavity Intraamniotic | 1200 1400 Meconium Groups | Five-Day-Old Fertilized Chick Eggs | Threshold Level
KOL-Index: 27 BACKGROUND: Laparoscopic appendectomy (LA) is gradually gaining popularity among paediatric surgeons for complicated appendicitis. A retrospective study was conducted to compare conventional single port LA, multiport LA and open appendectomy (OA) for complicated appendicitis in children. PATIENTS AND METHODS: From January 1995 from December 2014, 1,408 patients (604 girls, 804 boys) ...
Known for
Multiport Groups | Postoperative Intraabdominal Abscess Formation | Uncomplicated Complicated Appendicitis | 10-Mm 0° Scope
KOL-Index: 25 While the effects of transient intestinal ischemia on mucosa have been well investigated, less is known about its effect on motor function. An experimental study was designed to investigate the effects of ischemia–reperfusion (I/R) on intestinal motility and intestinal muscular microcirculation. Wistar albino rats were divided into four groups: (1) baseline, (2) sham operation, (3) I/R, and ...
Known for
Barium Sulfate | Reperfusion Intestinal | Oxidase Inhibition | 1 Baseline
KOL-Index: 25 BACKGROUND: It is unclear which substances in meconium are responsible for intestinal damage in gastroschisis. An experimental study was designed to investigate the effects of the lipid or water soluble subfractions of meconium on the intestines of gastroschisis in a chick model. METHODS: Meconium was pooled, homogenated, rota-evaporated dry and diluted. Meconium subfractions were obtained ...
Known for
Soluble Subfractions | Intestines | Compared Water | Subfraction Serosal
KOL-Index: 20 BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Portosystemic shunt operations are indicated in patients with extrahepatic portal hypertension owing to portal vein thrombosis (EPH-PVT) suffering from recurrent variceal bleeding despite endoscopic sclerotherapy. Mesenterico left portal bypass procedure (MLPB) is an alternative procedure to the portosystemic shunt operations in patients with EPH-PVT. MLPB operation ...
Known for
Procedure Mlpb | Blood Count | Magnetic Resonance Angiography | Portal Duplex Doppler Ultrasonography
KOL-Index: 20 Superoxide has been implicated in the regulation of endothelial cell adhesion molecule expression and the subsequent initiation of leukocyte-endothelial cell adhesion in different experimental models of inflammation. The objective of this study was to assess the contribution of oxygen radicals to P-selectin expression in a murine model of whole body ischemia-reperfusion, i.e., ...
Known for
Cd11 Cd18 | Oxidase Leukocyte | Endothelial Adhesion | Sod Xanthine
KOL-Index: 19 Recently, anti-inflammatory and tissue protective effects of statins have been shown independent from its anti-hyperlipidemic effect. It has been shown that one of the statins, rosuvastatin, may reduce ischemia/reperfusion (I/R)-induced tissue injury in the brain, intestines, and heart. We planned an experimental study to evaluate the effect of rosuvastatin on I/R injury encountered after ...
Known for
Measurement Basal | Anti-Hyperlipidemic | 2 H | Groups Testis
KOL-Index: 18 OBJECTIVE: Intraamniotic meconium has been responsible for intestinal damage in gastroschisis and meconium-dependent intestinal ischemia has been proposed to induce additional intestinal damage in gastroschisis. This study is aimed to determine the effects of lipid and water-soluble meconium subfractions on the contractility of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The ...
Known for
Icr Water | Intestinal Damage | Intraamniotic Meconium | Contraction Response
KOL-Index: 17 BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Contact with amniotic fluid causes intestinal damage in gastroschisis, and intraamniotic meconium has been shown to be responsible. Meconium has been shown to contain a significant amount of IL-8, which may be the responsible cytokine for harmful effects of meconium. Neonatal urine contains high amount of urinary trypsin inhibitor (UTI) compared with adult human urine. ...
Known for
Urine Amniotic | Focal Fibrin | 1400 Concentration | Inhibitor Uti

Departments of Pediatric Surgery and Pathology, Dokuz Eylül University Medical School, İzmir, Turkey. Izmir, Turkey

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