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    Icy Hot: Top KOLs in the world

    Paul Michel Vanhoutte #1
    Paul Michel Vanhoutte
    Department of Pharmacology, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong,
    Known for Endothelial Cells | Smooth Muscle | Coronary Arteries | Rings Endothelium | Nitric Oxide
    Saltin Saltin #2
    Saltin Saltin
    Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark | Cop
    Known for Blood Flow | Oxygen Uptake | Heart Rate | Cardiac Output | Skeletal Muscle

    Howard Ira Maibach #3
    Howard Ira Maibach
    Department of Dermatology, University of California Medical
    Known for Human Skin | Stratum Corneum | Patch Testing | Contact Dermatitis | Percutaneous Absorption
    Rolf‐Detlef Treede #4
    Rolf‐Detlef Treede
    Department of Neurophysiology, Mannheim Center for Translati
    Known for Evoked Potentials | Quantitative Sensory Testing | Secondary Hyperalgesia | Central Sensitization | Neuropathic Pain
    Bernd Nilius #5
    Bernd Nilius
    Laboratory of Ion Channel Research, TRP Research Platform Le
    Known for Trp Channels | Endothelial Cells | Cation Channel | Transient Receptor Potential | Intracellular Ca2
    Michael J Joyner #6
    Michael J Joyner
    Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, May
    Known for Nitric Oxide | Heart Rate | Mental Stress | Blood Pressure | Convalescent Plasma
    Ardem Patapoutian #7
    Ardem Patapoutian
    Department of Neuroscience, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/
    Known for Merkel Cells | Sensory Neurons | Wound Healing | Mechanically Activated | Ion Channels
    Richard L Lieber #8
    Richard L Lieber
    Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, (Rehabilitation Institute of Chica
    Known for Cerebral Palsy | Extracellular Matrix | Skeletal Muscle | Tendon Transfer | Sarcomere Length
    Schjerling Schjerling #9
    Schjerling Schjerling
    Center for Healthy Aging, Department of Clinical Medicine, F
    Known for Glucose Uptake | Resistance Training | Gene Expression | Satellite Cells | Skeletal Muscle
    Giovanni B Appendino #10
    Giovanni B Appendino
    Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco, Universitá degli Studi
    Known for Ferula Communis | Natural Products | Antioxidant Activity | Cannabis Sativa | Taxus Baccata

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