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Douglas G Douglas #1
Douglas G Douglas
University of Oxford | Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Nu
Known for Consort Statement | Randomised Trials | Target Difference | Transparent Reporting
Ahmedin M Jemal #2
Ahmedin M Jemal
Surveillance & Health Equity Science, American Cancer Societ
Known for Addis Ababa | Incidence Rates | African Americans | United States

Walter Churchill Willett #3
Walter Churchill Willett
Harvard University | Department of Epidemiology, Harvard T.H
Known for Type 2 Diabetes | Coronary Heart Disease | Physical Activity | United States
Rebecca L Siegel #4
Rebecca L Siegel
Surveillance and Health Equity Science, American Cancer Soci
Known for Incidence Rates | Cigarette Smoking | African Americans | United States
David Moher #5
David Moher
Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Inst
Known for Consort Statement | Reporting Guidelines | Randomized Controlled Trials | Peer Review
Eric S Lander #6
Eric S Lander
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, MA, USA | Bro
Known for Gene Expression | Complex Traits | Breast Cancer | Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Freddie Ian Bray #7
Freddie Ian Bray
Section of Cancer Surveillance, International Agency for Res
Known for Nordic Countries | Mortality Rates | Latin America | New Zealand
Christopher J L Murray #8
Christopher J L Murray
Department of Health Metrics Sciences, School of Medicine, U
Known for Life Expectancy | United States | Systematic Analysis | Development Assistance
Jacques Ferlay #9
Jacques Ferlay
Cancer Surveillance Branch, International Agency for Researc
Known for Global Burden | Latin America | Mortality Rates | European Union
John P Perdew #10
John P Perdew
Department of Chemistry, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pe
Known for Correlation Energy | Functional Theory | Simple Metals | Work Function