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Integrative Model

Icek Ajzen #1
Icek Ajzen
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, University of
Known for Reasoned Action | Perceived Control | Hypothetical Bias | Subjective Norms
Peter M Bentler #2
Peter M Bentler
Department of Psychology, University of California, Los Ange
Known for Young Adulthood | Test Statistics | Covariance Structure Analysis | Structural Equation Modeling

Claes Fornell #3
Claes Fornell
American Customer Satisfaction Index, Ann Arbor, MI, USA | U
Known for Stock Returns | Canonical Correlation | Customer Satisfaction | Structural Equation Models
Martin Fishbein† #4
Martin Fishbein†
University of Pennsylvania. | University of Pennsylvania, Ph
Known for Sexual Content | Reasoned Action | Integrative Model | Vaginal Sex
David F Larcker #5
David F Larcker
Stanford GSB, Stanford University, Rock Center for Corporate
Known for Compensation Consultants | Tax Avoidance | Golden Parachutes | Proxy Advisory Firms
Albert Bandura #6
Albert Bandura
Department of Psychology, Stanford University | Stanford Uni
Known for Health Promotion | Heart Failure | Social Cognitive Theory | Human Agency
Philip M Podsakoff #7
Philip M Podsakoff
Department of Marketing, Warrington College of Business Admi
Known for Feedback Sign | Voice Behavior | Subordinate Performance | Leader Reward
Li‐tze Hu #8
Li‐tze Hu
Division of Social Sciences, University of California, Santa
Known for Cutoff Criteria | Flicker Sensitivity | Fit Indices | Covariance Structure Analysis
Scott B MacKenzie #9
Scott B MacKenzie
Marketing Department, Kelley School of Business, Indiana Uni
Known for Participation Equality | Method Biases | Role Perceptions | Substitutes Leadership
Richard P Bagozzi #10
Richard P Bagozzi
Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
Known for Structural Equation Models | Subjective Norms | Anticipated Emotions | Brand Love