H. John Yack

H. John Yack

Department Of Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Science, University Of Iowa, Iowa City, Ia, Usa

Direct Impact

Concepts for which H John Yack has direct influence:

anterior tibial translation
knee hyperextension
real-time biofeedback
wedged insole
ankle support
compressive forces
older adults

External impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for which H John Yack has influence:

joint moments
lower limb
surface movement errors
diabetic complications
knee kinetics
minimum peak
anterior cruciate ligament deficient

Prominent publications by H. John Yack

KOL-Index: 23 OBJECTIVE: To determine which lower limb strength and joint kinetic and kinematic parameters distinguish sit-to-stand (STS) performance of older adults with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis (OA) with higher and lower chair stand time. DESIGN: Cross-sectional. SETTING: Motion analysis laboratory. PARTICIPANTS: Individuals (N=49; 26 men, 23 women) aged 50 to 79 years (mean ± SD age, 64.7±8.1y) ...
Known for
Sagittal Knee | Chair Higher | Sit-To-Stand Sts Performance | Functioning Adults
KOL-Index: 17 The purpose of the current study was to assess kinematic coupling within the foot in individuals across a range of arch heights. Seventeen subjects participated in this study. Weight-bearing lateral radiographs were used to measure the arch height, defined as angle between the 1st metatarsal and the calcaneus. A kinematic model including the 1st metatarsal, lateral forefoot, calcaneus and ...
Known for
Height Kinematic | Windlass Mechanism | Transverse Plane | Motion Calcaneus
KOL-Index: 15 OBJECTIVES: To determine which lower-limb joint moments and powers characterize the level of gait performance of older adults with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis (OA). DESIGN: Cross-sectional observational study. SETTING: University motion analysis laboratory. PARTICIPANTS: Community-dwelling adults (N=60; 27 men, 33 women; age 50-79y) with symptomatic knee OA. INTERVENTIONS: Not ...
Known for
Limb Function | Moment Terminal | Variance 400 | Gait Higher
KOL-Index: 15 STUDY DESIGN: Mixed, repeated measures design. OBJECTIVES: To determine if previous experience with loads of similar weight influences the anticipatory lifting force and postural adjustments during the squat lift. To examine a multijoint, functional task for coordination between stability and movement. To determine if lifting unexpected loads results in trunk loading patterns associated with ...
Known for
Postural Adjustments | Gravity Conveyor | Weight Influences | Methods Measures
KOL-Index: 14 Previous designs for a device to measure first ray mobility have included compression of the first metatarsal fat pad as part of the measurement of displacement or have failed to standardize the force applied to the head of the first metatarsal. In this investigation, assessment of vertical mobility of the first ray of both feet in 14 volunteers was determined using a device that applied ...
Known for
Plantar- | Ray Dorsal | Dorsiflexing Force | Pad Measurement
KOL-Index: 14 PURPOSE: This study assessed the biomechanical gait changes in obese and normal-weight female adult subjects after a commonly recommended 30-min walking session. Hip and knee adduction and extensor moments, which are the primary modulators of frontal and sagittal plane load distribution, were hypothesized to increase in obese females after a 30-min walking period, resulting in more stress ...
Known for
Knee Extensor Moments | Posttreadmill N·m·kg | Obese Normal | Commonly Recommended 30-Min Walking
KOL-Index: 14 STUDY DESIGN: Case study. OBJECTIVE: To compare knee kinematics and moments of nongiving way trials to a giving way trial during a combined stepping and crossover cutting activity. BACKGROUND: The knee kinematics and moments associated with giving way episodes suggest motor control strategies that lead to instability and recovery of stability during movement. METHODS AND MEASURES: A ...
Known for
Observed Response | 3 Infrared Emitting Diodes | Knee Extensor Moment | 60 Hz
KOL-Index: 13 The purpose of this study was to determine how an overweight or obese child's cardiorespiratory fitness level and a state of fatigue affect gait biomechanics. METHODS: Using a three-dimensional motion analysis system, twenty-nine (female and male) overweight and obese children aged 8-11 years walked on force plates before and after being fatigued from the Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular ...
Known for
Knee Extensor | Frontal Sagittal | Adductor Moments | Limb Joint
KOL-Index: 13 BACKGROUND: Impairment in intrinsic foot mobility has been identified as an important potential contributor to altered foot function in individuals with diabetes mellitus and neuropathy, however the role of limited foot mobility in gait remains poorly understood. The purpose of our study was to examine segmental foot mobility during gait in subjects with and without diabetes and neuropathy. ...
Known for
Diabetes Neuropathy | Stance Metatarsal | Reduced Foot Splay | Intrinsic Foot Mobility
KOL-Index: 13 The objective of this study was to compare knee angles and moments of healthy subjects (n=20) and subjects that were anterior cruciate ligament deficient (ACLD) (n=16) during stepping and crossover cutting activities. Subjects that were ACLD were separated into high (n=7) and low (n=9) functioning groups based on knee functional ratings. Knee angles and moments were estimated using three ...

Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA

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