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ketogenic diet
dravet syndrome
center single
modified atkins
intractable childhood
medication trial
cognitive cannabidiol

Prominent publications by Hoon-Chul Kang

KOL-Index: 2 The Ketogenic diet is a now proven, evidence based treatment of refractory epilepsy. the classic ketogenic diet (KD) is based on a ratio of fat to carbohydrate and protein, usually 3:1 or 4:1. Fat is proven long-chain triglycerides. The efficacy of the KD has been proven by many multicenter trials. But, side effects of ketogenic diet therapy is severe. The modified atkins diet (MAD) was ...
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Effects Ketogenic | Carbohydrate Protein | Prospective Comparison | Epilepsy Aimed
KOL-Index: 2 The clinical trial "A Prospective Single-Center Single-Arm Clinical Trial on Cognitive Effect of Cannabidiol (CBD-OS®) on Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome" is a single-group phase III study done in single tertiary referral center in Seoul, Korea.Chief investigator is Dr. Hoon-Chul Kang of Severance Hospital, Yonsei University College of Medicine. Associate investigators are Dr. ...
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Yonsei College | Prospective Center | Caregiver Monitoring | Medication Times

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