• Khon Kaen City
  • Khon Kaen City

    Khon Kaen City: Top KOLs in the world

    Thaned Satiennam #1
    Thaned Satiennam
    Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Tha
    Known for Motorcycle Taxi Service | Khon Kaen City | Co2 Emissions | Psychological Factors | Fuel Consumption
    Sittha Jaensirisak #2
    Sittha Jaensirisak
    Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ubo
    Known for Ubon Ratchathani City | Psychological Factors | Regional Cities | Travel Behaviors | South East Asia

    Wichuda Kowtanapanich #3
    Wichuda Kowtanapanich
    Faculty of Engineering, Mahasarakham University, 44150, Maha
    Known for Chloride Permeability | Ground Pozzolans | Campus Bus Study | Public Transport Planning | Motorcycle Dominated Community
    Atsushi Fukuda #4
    Atsushi Fukuda
    Department of Transportation Systems Engineering, College of
    Known for Fatih District | Car Sharing | Air Quality | Motorcycle Taxi Service | Transport Sector
    Nattapong Natevongin #5
    Nattapong Natevongin
    Civil Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Khon Kaen
    Known for Proposed Policies | Mathematic Model | Motorcycle Dominated Community | Public Transport Planning | Campus Bus Study
    ryosuke oshima #6
    ryosuke oshima
    Graduate School of Science & Technology,Nihon University | G
    Known for Bus Rapid Transit | Asian Developing Cities | Taxi Drivers | Thai Government
    Tuenjai Fukuda #7
    Tuenjai Fukuda
    Nihon University, 7-24-1(739C) Narashinodai, Finabashi, Chib
    Known for Car Sharing | Road Transport | Diesel Substitute | Motorcycle Taxi Service | Fatih District
    Robert Cervero #8
    Robert Cervero
    Department of City and Regional Planning #1850, Hearst Field
    Known for Suburban Gridlock | San Francisco | Rail Transit | United States | South Korea
    Tri Basuki Joewono #9
    Tri Basuki Joewono
    Department of Civil Engineering, Universitas Katolik Parahya
    Known for Traffic Violations | Public Transport | User Perceptions | Indonesian Cities | Service Quality
    Hisashi KUBOTA #10
    Hisashi KUBOTA
    Graduate School of Science & Engineering, Saitama University
    Known for Tod Residents | Speed Limit | Residential Streets | Public Transportation | Traffic Calming

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