• Kleptomania
  • Kleptomania

    Kleptomania: Top KOLs in the world

    Susan L McElroy #1
    Susan L McElroy
    SLM Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, Ohio, USA | Lindner Cente
    Known for Binge Eating | Bulimia Nervosa | United States | Acute Mania | Bipolar Disorder
    Paul E Keck #2
    Paul E Keck
    Linder Center of Hope, Mason, OH, and Biological Psychiatry
    Known for Acute Mania | United States | Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome | Bulimia Nervosa | Bipolar Disorder

    Harrison Graham Pope #3
    Harrison Graham Pope
    Biological Psychiatry Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, Mc
    Known for Eating Disorders | Bipolar Disorder | Body Image | Muscle Dysmorphia | Bulimia Nervosa
    James I Hudson #4
    James I Hudson
    Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. | Biological
    Known for Bulimia Nervosa | Eating Disorders | Bipolar Disorder | Childhood Sexual Abuse | Familial Aggregation
    Jon Edgar Grant #5
    Jon Edgar Grant
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, Univer
    Known for Problematic Internet | United States | Skin Picking | Pathological Gambling | Impulse Control
    Kerrin L WHITE #6
    Kerrin L WHITE
    St Elizabeths Medical Center | Providence, R.I. | McLean Hos
    Known for Cognitive Bias | Compulsive Disorder | Dermatological Reactions | Dysphoric Response | Controlled Trial
    Suck Won Kim #7
    Suck Won Kim
    Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota, Minneapol
    Known for Alcohol Craving | Compulsive Disorder | Suicide Attempts | Pathological Gambling | Impulse Control
    M J Goldman #8
    M J Goldman
    Program in Psychiatry, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, H
    Known for Bacterial Endocarditis | Misperceived Duty | Aortic Arch | Computed Tomographic | Bone Regeneration
    Marc Nicholas Potenza #9
    Marc Nicholas Potenza
    Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, School of Medicin
    Known for Impulse Control | Internet Gaming Disorder | Behavioral Addictions | Cocaine Dependence | Pathological Gambling
    Pinhas Nadim Dannon #10
    Pinhas Nadim Dannon
    Department of Dual Disorders and Rehabilitation, Beer-Yaakov
    Known for Impulse Control | Deep Tms | Pathological Gambling | Panic Disorder | Electroconvulsive Therapy

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