• Knee Hyperextension
  • Knee Hyperextension

    Knee Hyperextension: Top KOLs in the world

    Frank R Noyes #1
    Frank R Noyes
    Cincinnati SportsMedicine & Orthopaedic Center, Cincinnati,
    Known for Acl Reconstruction | Female Athletes | Knee Joint | Training Program | Cruciate Ligament
    Timothy E Hewett #2
    Timothy E Hewett
    Hewett Consulting, Minneapolis and Rochester, MN, USA | The
    Known for Acl Injury | Neuromuscular Training | Ligament Injuries | Female Athletes | Anterior Cruciate

    Hans H Pässler #3
    Hans H Pässler
    Heidelberg, Germany | Center for Knee and Foot Surgery and t
    Known for Knee Hyperextension | Osteoid Osteoma | Percutaneous Repair | Anterior Cruciate Ligament | Achilles Tendon
    G M Richter #4
    G M Richter
    Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Stuttgar
    Known for Optical Identifications | Blazar 3c | Luminosity Profiles | Supernovae Remnants | Maffei 1
    M Jagodzinski #5
    M Jagodzinski
    Zentrum f?r Knie- und Fu?chirurgie, Sporttraumatologie, ATOS
    Known for Biomechanical Analysis | Acl Inr | Cinematographic Mri Study | Knee Hyperextension | Anterior Cruciate Ligament
    Freddie H  Fu #6
    Freddie H Fu
    UPMC Freddie Fu Sports Medicine Center, University of Pittsb
    Known for Gene Therapy | Knee Flexion | Anterolateral Capsule | Cruciate Ligament | Acl Reconstruction
    K Donald Shelbourne #7
    K Donald Shelbourne
    Shelbourne Knee Center at Community East Hospital, Indianapo
    Known for Acl Reconstruction | Patellar Tendon | Range Motion | Accelerated Rehabilitation | Cruciate Ligament
    Andriacchi Andriacchi #8
    Andriacchi Andriacchi
    Mechanical Engineering Department, Stanford University, Buil
    Known for Knee Osteoarthritis | Cartilage Thickness | Adduction Moment | Cruciate Ligament | Acl Injury
    Sung Jae Kim #9
    Sung Jae Kim
    Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dongtan Sacred Heart Hosp
    Known for Acl Reconstruction | Rotator Cuff | Medial Meniscus | Cruciate Ligament | Arthroscopic Repair
    Joan Leung #10
    Joan Leung
    Brain Injury Unit, Royal Rehab, Sydney, NSW, Australia | Dep
    Known for Serial Casting | Traumatic Brain Injury | Electrical Stimulation | Shoulder Pain | Extra Practice

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