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    The results of this study add to the previous findings on the cracked tooth syndrome. Treatment to prevent further cracking is a must. Dentists should be aware of the syndrome and, after making the diagnosis, initiate necessary treatment.

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    Cracked-tooth syndrome

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    tooth fractures toothache #2
    cracked female humans #2
    tooth cracked #3
    dentists syndrome #5
    findings cracked #6
    crackedtooth syndrome #7
    syndrome cracked #7
    treatment cracking #17
    cracked tooth syndrome #28
    aged cracked #29
    treatment cracked #39
    fractures toothache #43

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    Caryl E Cameron
    cracked tooth syndrome additional findings bone humans
    Werner Geurtsen
    stem cells dna damage dental materials
    William H Hiatt
    pulpal‐periodontal disease incomplete crown‐root fracture collagen extract bone
    Martin John Tyas
    bond strengths clinical evaluation glass ionomer
    E H Ehrmann
    cracked tooth syndrome infective endocarditis post‐extraction findings
    Benjamin V Braly
    tooth fracture posterior teeth restorative dentistry
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    Concepts for whichCaryl E Cameronhas direct influence:Cracked tooth syndrome,  Tooth syndrome,  Additional findings,  Cracked tooth,  Treatment cracked,  Crackedtooth syndrome,  Cracked female humans,  Tooth fractures toothache.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Caryl E Cameron has influence:Cracked teeth,  Tooth syndrome,  Root fractures,  Endodontic treatment,  Enamel cracks,  Bacterial contamination,  Crack growth.



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    Dr. Cameron is associate professor, oral diagnosis at Northwestern University Dental School. His address is 670 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, 60611. | Assîstant professor of diagnosis, Northwestern University Dental School, Chicago