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Lamisil Cream: Top KOLs in the world

Howard Ira Maibach #1
Howard Ira Maibach
Department of Dermatology, University of California Medical
Known for Human Skin |  Stratum Corneum |  Patch Testing |  Contact Dermatitis |  Percutaneous Absorption
Boni Elizabeth Elewski #2
Boni Elizabeth Elewski
for the IXORA-PEDS Investigators | University of Alabama, Bi
Known for Nail Psoriasis |  Seborrheic Dermatitis |  Antifungal Agents |  United States |  Tinea Capitis

Xiao Ying Hui #3
Xiao Ying Hui
Dermatology Department, University of California, San Franci
Known for Boric Acid |  Stratum Corneum |  Disodium Octaborate |  Percutaneous Absorption |  Human Skin
Gabriele Betz #4
Gabriele Betz
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacenter, Univers
Known for Matrix Tablets |  Roll Compaction |  Tensile Strength |  Drug Release |  Liposome Formulations
Ivana Vejnovic #5
Ivana Vejnovic
Industrial Pharmacy Research Group of the Department of Phar
Known for Human Nails |  Permeation Studies |  Nail Plate |  Drug Delivery |  Terbinafine Formulations
Aditya Kumar Gupta #6
Aditya Kumar Gupta
Mediprobe Research Inc, London, Ontario, Canada. | Mediprobe
Known for Tinea Capitis |  Seborrheic Dermatitis |  Antifungal Agents |  Toenail Onychomycosis |  United States
Christel Charlotte Müller‐Goymann #7
Christel Charlotte Müller‐Goymann
Institut für Pharmazeutische Technologie, Technische Univers
Known for Lipid Matrices |  Drug Delivery |  Theobroma Oil |  Permeation Studies |  Stratum Corneum
Kenji Sugibayashi #8
Kenji Sugibayashi
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai International Univ
Known for Stratum Corneum |  Molecular Weight |  Topical Application |  Hairless Rat |  Skin Permeation
Ajay Kumar Banga #9
Ajay Kumar Banga
Center for Drug Delivery Research, Department of Pharmaceuti
Known for Hairless Rats |  Salmon Calcitonin |  Activated Carbon |  Stratum Corneum |  Transdermal Delivery
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University | Resea
Known for Molecular Weight |  Hairless Rat |  Nasal Absorption |  Morphine Hydrochloride |  Skin Permeation