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    Despite a reduction in preantibiotic mortality rates that exceeded 50%, Ludwig's angina remains a potentially lethal entity primarily because of rapidly progressive airway obstruction. Since the reports of several large series in the 1940's, there have been put sporadic case reports because of widespread use of antibiotics in orodental infection, improved dental care, as well as adherence to strict diagnostic criteria. Since this entity is now uncommon, unnecessary delay in diagnosis and ...

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    A one-stage surgical procedure describing the removal of the necessary nasal bones for complete eradication of nasal dermoids, with subsequent replacement of the intact bones, is discussed herein. This technique has proved to be invaluable in two patients who underwent this procedure. Extensive meticulous dissection often is necessary to extirpate this cystic lesion to prevent its recurrence. Extensive surgery, however, need not result in a notable cosmetic deformity that requires ...

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    Maintaining nutrition in patients with neurologic disorders can be a difficult task. The best results can be expected with individual treatment plans based on a thorough knowledge of the disease process and carried out by a multidisciplinary team working in concert.

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    The foregoing represent only the most frequently used methods of assessing laryngeal disease. Many other methods show promise and are being evaluated in a few centers. Future laryngologists will be more sophisticated in diagnosing laryngeal lesions, including the use of computer analysis of methods in current use. As with all testing, the laryngologist should "tailor" the procedure to the individual patient and choose the diagnostic test that will incur minimal expense, time, discomfort, ...

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