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The presence and levels of furocoumarins in several parts of Ficus carica including the milky sap, were investigated. The results show that psoralen and bergapten are the only significant photoactive compounds, and are present in appreciable quantities in the leaf and shoot sap but are not detected in the fruit or its sap. These compounds are more concentrated in the leaf sap compared to the shoot sap. The psoralen levels are several times higher than those of bergapten. Lower ...

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Nine patients with extensive pityriasis alba were studied using histopathological and histochemical techniques and electron microscopy. There was a reduction in the density of functional melanocytes in the affected areas without any change in their cytoplasmic activity. The melanosomes tended to be fewer and smaller, but their distribution pattern in the keratinocytes was normal. Melanosomal transfer to keratinocytes was generally not disturbed. The histology was non-specific. ...

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