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Lesiones Melanocíticas

Giuseppe Argenziano #1
Giuseppe Argenziano
Dermatology Unit, Department of Mental and Physical Health a
Known for Confocal Microscopy | Skin Cancer | Basal Cell | Dermoscopic Features
Harald J Kittler #2
Harald J Kittler
Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna, Vie
Known for Pigmented Skin Lesions | Skin Cancer | Focal Hyperhidrosis | Dermoscopic Features

Susana Puig #3
Susana Puig
Melanoma Unit, Dermatology Department, Hospital Cĺinic Barce
Known for Basal Cell | Melanoma Patients | Skin Cancer | Mc1r Variants
Ketty Peris #4
Ketty Peris
UOC di Dermatologia, Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chiru
Known for Actinic Keratosis | Basal Cell Carcinoma | Skin Cancer | Atopic Dermatitis
Pellacani Pellacani #5
Pellacani Pellacani
Dermatology Unit, Department of Surgical, Medical, Dental an
Known for Actinic Keratosis | Basal Cell | Melanocytic Lesions | Cutaneous Melanoma
Vincenzo de Giorgi #6
Vincenzo de Giorgi
Dermatology Unit, Azienda USL Toscana Centro, and Section of
Known for Dermoscopic Features | Skin Neoplasms | Estrogen Receptor | Basal Cell Carcinoma
Iris Zalaudek #7
Iris Zalaudek
Dermatology Clinic, Maggiore Hospital, University of Trieste
Known for Basal Cell | Confocal Microscopy | Skin Cancer | Dermoscopic Features
Rainer Hofmann‐Wellenhof #8
Rainer Hofmann‐Wellenhof
Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Graz, Graz,
Known for Confocal Microscopy | Melanocytic Nevi | Skin Cancer | Scalp Naevi
Ralph Peter Braun #9
Ralph Peter Braun
Department of Dermatology, University of Zürich, Zürich, Swi
Known for Melanocytic Lesions | Seborrheic Keratosis | Digital Dermoscopy | External Ear
Massimiliano Scalvenzi #10
Massimiliano Scalvenzi
Section of Dermatology - Department of Clinical Medicine and
Known for Basal Cell | Superficial Spreading | Skin Neoplasms | Atopic Dermatitis