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Universidade de Santo Amaro, Santo Amaro, Brazil

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KOL-Index: 2435 . Lichen simplex chronicus is a skin disease that mostly affects female patients, with a peak incidence between ages 35 and 50 years. On the scalp, it appears as a single or multiple oval lesions, showing scaling and hair shaft loss or breakage. An important dermoscopic feature of the disease are the "broom fibers." Histopathology reveals the "hamburger" and the "gear wheel" signs. The aim ...
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KOL-Index: 1433 . Granuloma annulare is a benign cutaneous inflammatory disease, whose lesions have spontaneous improvement in two years in 50% of cases, but there is recurrence in 40% of patients. Treatment may be topical, intralesional or systemic. The use of phototherapy with narrowband UVB is highlighted, whose mechanism of action in this disease is still unclear, probably related to the inhibition of T ...
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Universidade de Santo Amaro, Santo Amaro, Brazil