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Linfoma Folicular: Top KOLs in the world

Randy D Gascoyne #1
Randy D Gascoyne
Lymphoid Cancer Research, BC Cancer Research, Vancouver, Can
Known for Diffuse Large |  Gene Expression |  British Columbia |  Consultancy Honoraria |  Cell Lymphoma
Wolfgang D Hiddemann #2
Wolfgang D Hiddemann
Department of Medicine III, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Ho
Known for Honoraria Funding |  Bone Marrow |  Board Directors |  Acute Myeloid Leukemia |  Follicular Lymphoma

Stephen Maxted Ansell #3
Stephen Maxted Ansell
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; | From the Division of Hematolog
Known for Brentuximab Vedotin |  Seattle Genetics |  Hodgkin Lymphoma |  Board Directors |  Consultancy Funding
Andrew S Jack #4
Andrew S Jack
HMDS St James's Institute of Oncology, Leeds, United Kingdom
Known for Multiple Myeloma |  Cns Relapse |  Cell Lymphoma |  Diffuse Large |  Bone Marrow
Robert E Marcus #5
Robert E Marcus
Department of Haematology, King's College Hospital, London,
Known for Consultancy Honoraria |  Board Directors |  Advisory Committees |  Speakers Bureau |  Follicular Lymphoma
Michael Unterhalt #6
Michael Unterhalt
University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Mun
Known for Speakers Bureau |  Honoraria Funding |  Mantle Cell |  European Mcl Network |  Follicular Lymphoma
James Olen Armitage #7
James Olen Armitage
From the Department of Emergency Medicine and the New Mexico
Known for Bone Marrow |  Complete Remission |  Autologous Transplantation |  United States |  Cell Lymphoma
Xavier Badia #8
Xavier Badia
Omakase Consulting, Barcelona, España | Omakase Consulting S
Known for Spanish Version |  Quality Life |  Orphan Drugs |  Health States |  Asthma Control
Erik Cobo #9
Erik Cobo
Statistics and Operations Research Department, Universitat P
Known for Reporting Guidelines |  Biomedical Journals |  8 Hours |  Precision Medicine |  Peer Review
Manfred Planker #10
Manfred Planker
Helios Hospital Krefeld, Krefeld | Department of Internal Me
Known for Follicular Lymphoma |  Rchop Chop |  Renal Failure |  Subsequent Treatment |  Taenia Coli