• Lipedema
  • Lipedema

    Lipedema: Top KOLs in the world

    Peter S Mortimer #1
    Peter S Mortimer
    St George’s, University of London, UK | Dermatology & Lympho
    Known for Primary Lymphedema | Venous Congestion | Hidradenitis Suppurativa | Milroy Disease | Breast Cancer
    Karen Louise Herbst #2
    Karen Louise Herbst
    Total Lipedema Care, Beverly Hills, California, 90211, USA |
    Known for Dercum Disease | Fat Mass | Insulin Sensitivity | Weight Loss | Women Lipedema

    Gyõzõ Szolnoky #3
    Gyõzõ Szolnoky
    Department of Dermatology and Allergology, University of Sze
    Known for Capillary Fragility | Leg Ulcer | Fibroblast Growth Factor | Compression Therapy | Chronic Edema
    Lajos V Kemény #4
    Lajos V Kemény
    Department of Dermatology and Allergology, University of Sze
    Known for Atopic Dermatitis | Human Keratinocytes | Allergic Rhinitis | Psoriatic Arthritis | Hacat Cells
    Wilfried Schmeller #5
    Wilfried Schmeller
    Hanse-Klinik, Luebeck, Germany. | Hanse Clinic, Specialized
    Known for Skin Diseases | Leg Ulcers | Tumescent Liposuction | Primary Health | Shave Therapy
    Pia Ostergaard #6
    Pia Ostergaard
    Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute, St. Geor
    Known for Milroy Disease | Primary Lymphedema | Fetal Hydrops | Lymphatic Phenotype | Turner Syndrome
    Kristiana D Gordon #7
    Kristiana D Gordon
    Lymphovascular Medicine, Dermatology Department, St. George'
    Known for Genital Lymphoedema | Milroy Disease | Lymphatic Phenotype | Surgical Procedures | Turner Syndrome
    Glen W Brice #8
    Glen W Brice
    Southwest Thames Regional Genetics Service, St George’s Univ
    Known for Milroy Disease | Primary Lymphedema | Fbn1 Mutations | Marfan Syndrome | Human Pair
    Steve Jeffery #9
    Steve Jeffery
    Molecular & Clinical Sciences, St. George's, University of L
    Known for Milroy Disease | Autosomal Dominant | Primary Lymphoedema | Dialysis Patients | Noonan Syndrome
    Anne H Child #10
    Anne H Child
    Sonalee Laboratory, Imperial College, London, UK | Departmen
    Known for Ectopia Lentis | Aortic Root | Fibrillin Gene | Fbn1 Mutations | Marfan Syndrome

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