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Lipodistrofia: Top KOLs in the world

Esteban Martínez #1
Esteban Martínez
University Hospital of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain | Infecti
Known for Infected Patients |  Hiv Infection |  Protease Inhibitors |  Anorexia Nervosa |  Antiretroviral Therapy
Steven K Grinspoon #2
Steven K Grinspoon
Metabolism Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard
Known for Growth Hormone |  Body Composition |  Cardiovascular Disease |  Anorexia Nervosa |  Insulin Resistance

Andrew D Carr #3
Andrew D Carr
St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Known for Hiv Infection |  Insulin Resistance |  Metabolic Syndrome |  Body Composition |  Antiretroviral Therapy
David A Cooper #4
David A Cooper
Immunovirology and Pathogenesis Program, The Kirby Institute
Known for Hiv Infection |  Viral Load |  Human Immunodeficiency Virus |  48 Weeks
Katherine Samaras #5
Katherine Samaras
Department of Endocrinology, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney,
Known for Weight Gain |  Bariatric Surgery |  Severe Mental Illness |  Insulin Resistance |  Metabolic Syndrome
José María Gatell #6
José María Gatell
ViiV Healthcare, Barcelona, Spain. | Faculty of Medicine, Un
Known for Viral Load |  Hiv Infection |  Infected Patients |  Dendritic Cells
Donald J Chisholm #7
Donald J Chisholm
St Vincent’s Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, Universit
Known for Type 2 Diabetes |  Adipose Tissue |  Visceral Fat |  Skeletal Muscle |  Insulin Resistance
Simon Alexander Mallal #8
Simon Alexander Mallal
Center for Translational Immunology and Infectious Diseases,
Known for Hiv Infection |  Adipose Tissue |  Drug Hypersensitivity |  Hla Class |  Antiretroviral Therapy
Ana Milinkovic #9
Ana Milinkovic
HIV Services, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundatio
Known for Risky Alcohol Consumption |  Insulin Sensitivity |  Infected Patients |  Fetal Death |  Antiretroviral Therapy
Enric Pedrol #10
Enric Pedrol
Internal Medicine Department, Hospital de Viladecans, Barcel
Known for Hiv Infection |  Infected Patients |  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome |  Protease Inhibitor |  Caucasian Spaniards