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      Localized heat urticaria associated with a decrease in serum complement factor B (C3 proactivator)


      A case of localized heat urticaria is reported in a 51-year-old woman who within a few minutes of contact with warm water developed erythema and swelling sharply localized to the heated area. After a hot bath urticarial lesions appeared over large areas of her body, accompanied by a feeling of weakness, but no other systemic symptoms. After challenge with heat by immersing her left arm in water heated to 42 degrees C, a rapid decrease of her serum complement level of factor B was demonstrated, suggesting that activation of an alternative complement pathway plays a role in this form of urticaria. Biopsies for immunofluorescent study of complement and immunoglobulins were negative at 30 and 180 min after heat challenge. The dermal fibres and endothelial cells of dermal vessels were capable, in vitro, of complement binding before and after exposure to heat.

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