• Lordosis Lumbar
  • Lordosis Lumbar

    Lordosis Lumbar: Top KOLs in the world

    Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Washington University Scho
    Known for Spinal Deformity | Background Data | Pulmonary Function | Surgical Treatment | Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
    Lawrence G Lenke #2
    Lawrence G Lenke
    Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Columbia University Medica
    Known for Pulmonary Function | Background Data | Pedicle Screw | Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis | Spinal Deformity

    Frank J Schwab #3
    Frank J Schwab
    Department of Orthopaedics, Hospital for Special Surgery, Ne
    Known for 2 Years | Pelvic Tilt | Leg Pain | Lumbar Lordosis | Adult Spinal Deformity
    Pierre Roussouly #4
    Pierre Roussouly
    Department of Spine Surgery, Centre Medico Chirurgical et de
    Known for Compensatory Mechanisms | Sacral Slope | Sagittal Balance | Lumbar Lordosis | Pelvic Incidence
    Virginie C LaFage #5
    Virginie C LaFage
    Hospital for Special Surgery, 523 E, 72nd Street #509, New Y
    Known for Spine Surgery | Pelvic Tilt | Asd Patients | 2 Years | Adult Spinal Deformity
    Christopher I Shaffrey #6
    Christopher I Shaffrey
    Department of Neurological Surgery, Duke University, Durham,
    Known for Surgical Treatment | Spine Surgery | Quality Outcomes Database | 2 Years | Adult Spinal Deformity
    Steven D Glassman #7
    Steven D Glassman
    Norton Leatherman Spine Center, Louisville, KY | 5Norton Lea
    Known for Quality Outcomes Database | Adult Spinal Deformity | Spine Surgery | Oswestry Disability | Lumbar Fusion
    JeanPierre C Farcy #8
    JeanPierre C Farcy
    Maimonides Medical Center, New York, New York | Maimonides M
    Known for Spinal Deformity | Sagittal Plane | Porcine Model | Adult Scoliosis | Pelvic Tilt
    Kathy M Blanke #9
    Kathy M Blanke
    Department of Orthopedic Surgery, The Daniel and Jane Och Sp
    Known for Pulmonary Function | Revision Surgery | Background Data | Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis | Spinal Fusion
    Éric Berthonnaud #10
    Éric Berthonnaud
    Centre Hospitalier Paul Ardier, 13 rue du Docteur Sauvat, 63
    Known for Pelvic Incidence | Sacral Slope | Plane Regions | Lumbar Lordosis | Sagittal Alignment

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