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Niños Pequeños

Susan A Gelman #1
Susan A Gelman
Department of Psychology. | Department of Psychology, Univer
Known for Young Children | Generic Language | Multiracial Individuals | Authentic Objects
Renée Baillargeon #2
Renée Baillargeon
Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-C
Known for False Beliefs | Hidden Objects | Object Permanence | Containment Events

Dedre Gentner #3
Dedre Gentner
Department of Psychology, Northwestern University, United St
Known for Structural Alignment | Relational Categories | Analogical Reasoning | Cognitive Science
Jeffrey Loewenstein #4
Jeffrey Loewenstein
Gies College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-C
Known for Moral Awareness | Knowledge Transfer | Institutional Logics | Paradoxical Frames
Department of Psychology, Florida State University, Tallahas
Known for Phonological Awareness | Emergent Literacy | Effortful Control | Executive Function
John D Coley #6
John D Coley
Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA | Northe
Known for Social Categories | Time Pressure | Essentialist Thinking | United States
Robert D Abbott #7
Robert D Abbott
Social Development Research Group, School of Social Work, Un
Known for Alcohol Abuse | Executive Functions | Delinquent Behavior | Owl Ld
Deborah McCutchen #8
Deborah McCutchen
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA | University of W
Known for Speech Processes | Teacher Knowledge | Editing Strategies | Word Meanings
Virginia Wise Berninger #9
Virginia Wise Berninger
Department of Educational Psychology, University of Washingt
Known for Written Language | Learning Disabilities | Executive Functions | Owl Ld
Steve Graham #10
Steve Graham
Division of Educational Leadership & Innovation, Arizona Sta
Known for Writing Instruction | Grade Students | Struggling Writers | Spelling Checkers